Raiding - Could I do anything ELSE wrong on Thok?

I did it again. I ran into Thok's mouth. Firetruck firetruck fireTRUCK.

It's not like I am so stupid that I turn and run into his mouth because I want to, I actually am turned around waiting. Thok has stopped and I'm preparing to run back because if Morz is the next person to be fixated there will be no healer standing with everyone doing dispels.  And I guess that Dinosaur has a bigger hit box - or rather, chomp box - than I thought.  I think I should just give a wide berth rather than run straight back to tanks as the stormcrow flies.

But that wasn't the only stupid thing I did.  We were in phase 1 and somehow I must have accidentally hit F1 instead of F3.  F1 is stampeding roar (bear form).  F3 is faerie fire.  Anyway, I was trying to refresh faerie fire and then lay a mushroom because I must have popped it and hadn't put it back.  So with my accidental bear form, I then hit 9 (Razer mouse 9 on the thumb side) which is to lay a mushroom. Nothing happened, and I must have spammed it a few hits before I thought what the hell is wrong with this and decided just to throw some rejuv's out since I'm not casting.  As I do I realise I've popped out of bear form and I thought oh oops I've hit stampeding roar.  Exray yells "Navi... what the hell?" and I'm puzzled - how on earth does stampeding roar affect those guys.  After we wipe Exray wondered why I had taunted the boss.  I was perplexed.  I asked Aimei, did I do that? Aimei said yes the boss turned to the raid and targetted me and I realised ... 9 on bear form bar is taunt.  Whoopsies!

Anyway after much pain, Thok was done.  And wouldn't you know it, all loot including Tier was sharded.  At least Luxy rolled a ring!

Blackfuse was going much better than Thok, and to me it felt easier.  Morz and his tunnel toilet microphone was not working but I think we knew where we had to go - Jazz helped with the calls so I didn't have to worry about that.  We got close - but then a missile turret got through when we were at 6% or something and then we wiped on our last go for the night.  Well, at least Monday it will go down and we can at least get started on attempting Paragons.