Minipost: Paying for Skyshards

Healers aren't really good at kill farming, and I honestly couldn't be bothered so when I saw someone selling an Alani kill for 20k I decided to take it.

Wow, she certainly dies fast...

And that was that. Loot for me!

Well, it's a lovely thing to add to my collection but boy, that seasickness from riding one... another thing collecting dust in my mount wardrobe.


  1. I love the cloud serpents. And Alani is a particularly pretty one. It was tedious farming up all the skyshards but I didn't want to spend the kind of gold people were asking on my servers so seemed worth it :D For 20k I might have been tempted to buy one myself! Congratulations on getting yours!

    1. Thanks! 20k seemed reasonable to me - I pay much more than that for a silly battle pet :D

  2. YAY! Another mount you will never use! :P

  3. Congrats. I still need one shard. I have leveled 20 characters through there. Did multiple characters to exalted with the lotus before it changed. Farmed for over 40 hours on my hunter and even some recently when I can mow through the entire area really fast, and still do not have 10.

    But I will get that last shard, one day.

    If it were not for the fact I had put in so much work and was only 1 shard away, I would consider 20K a gift and would buy it instantly at that price. It would have been worth saving all that time farming. But one good thing of all those hours farming. I probably made 100K just from the junk I collected and sold while doing it.

    1. I have 3. And I have not farmed through there and never intend to - so 20k seems cheap to me when the time investment seems horrible for my poor little resto druid.

      Gosh 1 shard. If that had been me I would not have paid the 20k either and just ground it out. Fingers crossed for you TGE.


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