Raiding - Slow Bug Progress

Paragons has been going slowly.  Our best is 5 of them down so far, but we still struggle with stupid little thing sometimes.

I cannot CC those stupid parasites to save my life.  Drauka or Snowcaller always break my roots so I run around like crazy trying to get it off me so I can stand still and heal people.  I wanted to take Faerie swarm so I could slow those stupid things but because I also Faerie Fire the Paragons I didn't really want Skeer walking slowly away from Rikkal or walking slowly away from the Bloods.

I thought I would be clever and symbiose Jazz so she could get an extra heal out and I could help yank someone who was being mesmerised by a kunchong.  Aza was mesmerised so I went and yanked him and there was a lot of screaming.  Uh oh what did I do?

"NAVI!  You yanked me CLOSER to the Kunchong!!!"

Oh shit. Whoops.

There was good progress on Monday and I was happy that we got 5 down. Just 4 to go!  Need to live better through that lines phase!  Damn it hurts!

Drauka is moving house this week so he wasn't going to be on Wednesday or Thursday so I begged Sev to get on, at Morzierz's request.  Sev said yes. But then Aza told  me he wouldn't be on Thursday because he bought a heroic Garrosh mount run.. at raid time.  MAN.  Talk about bad timing. Fortunately I could ask Brahski to sub for that, and it also gives me the opportunity to see what he's like in group raiding, as so far I haven't seen him doing anything, but he's been around, offering to help where needed.

I have one problem, or maybe two.  My CPU is overheating.  I think I need more sticky gooey stuff.  My video card is running hot too - at a whopping ridiculous water boiling temperature.  Computer is shutting down randomly which I'm sure is temperature related.  I've pushed all my graphics to low, fans are on high, and there will be no streaming but this weekend, I need a new computer, or at least a new GPU. Time to spend some of that hard earned money of mine.