Bringing an undergeared alt to Flex? Now that's a story!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was strongly encouraged by my guildies to bring poor little Minndy, my new and first alt to max level, to Flex.  Now, Minndy was never created to be a raiding toon.  My dear little warlock was mostly going to be a farm and professions mule that will help me with my pet battles.

Last week, people were asking why Minndy wasn't in Flex.

"She's not geared," I said.  "And she only does 30k dps, if I'm lucky."

"I'll heal, " said Koda.  "Then you can bring her."

"Umm, but I will be the worst sort of carry!" I said.  "I have no idea how to play."

No idea is probably an exaggeration. I have a tiny idea. But it's not really that much more than no idea.

"I don't understand this cruelty to alts," said Nath.  "You shouldn't be mistreating your alts."

"Since when are you part of the WSPCA (Warcraft society of prevention of cruelty to alts), Nath?" I asked. "Minndy is perfectly happy living on the character screen."

"Navi, you bring your main every week to help us in Flex so we can bring our alts and get gear," said Tacky and Koda. "We want to help you with your alt, you deserve to bring your alt."

How could I argue with that?  What a lovely sentiment.  Geez I love my guildies.

It was only hours before raid that I realised she also had no GLYPHS.  Oh gosh, the guild bank only has a few as well.  So I rocked up with a grand total of 3 glyphs.

So we were starting up Flex, and I was about to do Wing 4.  "Where's Minndy?" my guildies cried.

Mctacky said "Navi, don't you remember the rules about flex?"

I thought to myself, I should know - I made them.  "Umm, wasn't it to have fun?  And that if you don't meet the DPS requirement for Garrosh you have to sit out?"

McTacky said "Well, yes, but also, you said that ALL guildies are welcome.  Minndy is in the guild, therefore, she is welcome."

AWWWWWW .... /grin

But, it is Wing 4 after all and we have an achievement to get.  And also after that it was Garrosh time and I have rules about Garrosh.  But it went well, and after that it was on to Wing 1.

I logged onto her for Wing 1 and gave her a good look over.  In fact, little Minndy was even worse geared than a boosted 90 toon.  I had a blue weapon and a crappy green trinket but at least I was in Timeless gear for the most part.  Except maybe my blue chest and shoes. And gems and enchants? Umm, yeah there were none of those.  Pots and flasks?  Why would I waste that on someone doing so little DPS?  This was crazy.  I put up another half hearted attempt at refusal but my guildies wouldn't have a bar of it.  This was embarrassing.  I hate being the worst at anything.  And I didn't want to flask and pot up because what's worse than being the worst is, trying NOT to be the worst and STILL being the worst.  Bloody disrespectful lot too - telling the GM what to do!

All these things I had never done before!  Watching blue blobs slide by into Immerseus knowing I couldn't do anything was agonizing!  And I got my first piece of loot as well!

Ooh and another first - I was EXCITED to have the Mark of Anguish in Protectors - OMG where are my defensive cooldowns, and ooh, who should I pass it to now?  But it was cool. They even the did the Go Long achievement (Sorry Drauka!  I didn't know everyone wanted to do that!).  Oh and OMG Sigils of Wisdom.  I had forgotten what that was - thanks to everyone for reminding me it's the legendary stuff.  Having only done it once I can't remember stuff I did MONTHS ago...

Being a DPS is much more stressful than healing.  This rotation thing?  Geez!  It's not like I can be a bit more dynamic with green bars going up and down, I only look at the red bars.  Totally bizarre! And also, if I'm on Minndy there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER to be having my healbot up on the side.  It's distracting and I keep wanting to click on it to heal people.

Oh! And another novelty - the JOY of NOT having to dispel for Sha of pride!

I left the raid and logged back onto Navimie and everyone told me suggested I should bring her for wing 2 as well.  WERE THEY JOKING?? Galakras' AOE and Iron Juggernaut's AOE would kill me... it wasn't going to be pretty!!

The healers reassured me I wouldn't die.  And you know what - a testament to them because I did not die.

Exray had this hairbrained idea that all warlocks would go in the tower with him for Galakras.  With no healer. Ok, that's fine, but I'm pretty useless up there so I wasn't sure what I would do.  So I just dotted up things best I could - couldn't really do much because things died before I could Soul swap it all around - and then jumped down.  After we did the second tower, Jazz said she would stay and shoot and I got all excited - ANOTHER thing I had never done before!

"Can I shoot it??" I said excitedly.  It wasn't really a question.  Nobody is going to argue with the Guild leader when she wants to do something.  Well, actually I dunno about that, I have been BOSSED AROUND a whole lot today!

I saw the rope and was heading to it.  Jazz told me to use it, and I nearly said something... because though I haven't done the shooting before, but I certainly have laughed at everyone who didn't go up the rope!  But I was too excited, I'm going to shoot Warlord Zaela off Galakras!

So I hop in and I'm looking around.  Oh god, where is Galakras?  I was looking up towards Orgrimmar but then I when I swung my camera around there Galakras was, more towards the docks. I just wanted to check the delay on shooting, if there was any, so I could make sure I was sync'ed so I hit 1 once.  Cool.  I got this.

Woah what the hell, Zaela is blasted of her mount? It just so happened Jazz shot Galakras as well.

OMG I started the event too early.  All the adds are still up!!!

"Navi, what the hell?"  I think I'm getting used to Exray saying that to me this week.  The raid is laughing at me, and I'm laughing my ass off too. Holy crap, I can't believe I just did that.  WHOOPS.

Anyway, Galakras dies, and I lived.  Yay me!

So next it's Iron Juggernaut.  And amazingly I lived there as well.  Gee it's so different as a DPS.  I don't even have to LOOK at the health bars and worry about healing people.  But boy does that make the fight a bit boring...

Dark Shaman was.. umm... interesting.  We had 3% to go and the tanks died.  OH SHIT.  I am running around thinking I CAN'T REZ ANYONE MY USEFULNESS HAS NOW EXPIRED since we'd rezzed the max already.  I thought oh great, we're gonna wipe at 2% but somehow we lived, and it died.  And more weird.. I didn't die.  Thanks healers!!!

Next was Nazgrim and I did a few booboos... like I might have accidentally cast an agony on Nazgrim during Defensive stance (yes, tab targetting is BAD... oops) and there were a few Warsongs going out... ugh, and I got an assassin once but I did the right thing and put my back to the wall and someone else hit it harder than I could hit it and it died.  Exray even said at the end "Wow, I'm impressed that Navi didn't die to the assassin."  Hey, I was surprised too.  But then again, big hugs to my healers!

So I got a few items - not sure if they are the right things I should be wearing, but hey they're much better than what I had before.  And it's all in fun right?  It was never about the loot.

Thank you my dear Frostwolves!  It was fun - in a weird sort of way - but it was definitely an interesting experience to say the least!


  1. Nice Nav - and btw, warlocks are expected to keep dots and pets on Nazgrim during defensive phase, we just avoid nuking him. :p

    1. Oh I shall have to practice more! Though I was hoping it was a one off event for novelty...

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time. When with friends it is nice to take the chance to just play something new and do something new. You sure seemed to enjoy it.

    1. I was thinking about your post about are you considerate of others - but when they want to do it for you it is totally different than forcing others to take it.

  3. Sounds like it was a really fun night Navi! :D And I agree, DPSing is WAY more stressful than healing!

    1. Ikr! This rotation thing!! Too much thinking!

  4. Aw, this post makes me miss the excitement of raiding! I'm glad to hear that your alt got some love (This WSPCA is very relevant to my interests! hah)

    1. Lol my poor alt I am glad I haven't been reported yet!


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