If I could go to Blizzcon again...

I would do things a little differently.

Don't get me wrong, I had an AMAZING time at Blizzcon.  Even with all the hype, it was all that and more.  And I will go back to Blizzcon one day - obviously not this year, but I am thinking that I might attend the next one.

Here are the things that I would do differently!

  • It took me ages to do my registration - as in HOURS.  If I'd gone earlier, like at 3 or 4pm (instead of 6pm), perhaps I would have gotten out earlier and check out the parties that were happening.

  • Parties.  Another thing that I found a bit disappointing.  This was probably due to my lack of initiative and being shy at approaching people I did not know, and I think that is the thing about parties.  To get the most out of a party you need to be the LIFE of the party, and be willing to be forward and not be shy.  I spoke very shyly to Doobjanka but got tongue-tied, and I was close enough to blow in the ears of Matticus, Damien (from Icy Veins), Ghemit the Hunter but my stomach was wrenching so badly I couldn't pluck the guts to go and say hello to them.  And Devs!  Why would they even acknowledge me?  Why do I even care if they think I'm an idiot - would I think someone is an idiot for wanting to say hi to me?  Next time I will say thanks to them for making an awesome game and how amazing it must be to be a minor celebrity for working at Blizzard!  I had the most fun at the parties where I knew people and were looking forward to meeting them. I am not a party person, I think.  I like social gatherings with friends.
  • After sitting in my seat for the main arena I should have headed straight for the Blizzcon store. By the time we figured that out, the queue was monstrous.  And all I could get was posters!
  • I should make a list of people who were going to Blizzcon that I would have loved to catch up with.  I didn't do that, I kinda did it on they fly.  So I missed out on seeing Draynee and Summer Sal and Earthmother knows who else!  But I did see a lot of people on my "in my head list" and was super glad that I did!
I envy all those going to Blizzcon this year - I want to do it again!  However, I can relive a little bit of the experience because little old me is going to be interviewed by Blizzcon Countdown this weekend, talking about being an international Blizzcon attendee and adapting to that LA climate!  I was recommended to them by Hasteur so I hope I don't do a bad interview and let him down :)  Oh, I wonder if Blizzcon Countdown edits.  I'd better watch my language, and focus on not so many "umms", "like you know" and "if you know what I mean".  And guess what time I set for the interview... 2am Sydney time :D  Looks like it will be a late night that night! :D


  1. I tried to comment, but it had a meltdown. I should come with you to Blizzcon Navi - I have no fear in talking to people about WoW or blogging!!!

    You forget you are a pretty well known blogger now as well and some of the people you mentioned would have been pretty excited to have met you - including the developers :p


  2. I still remember you getting Rades over to meet me. OMG that was amazing. Beyond amazing. I still can't believe he even talks to me and it's all because of YOU.

    And I am going to the NEXT Blizzcon so you better start saving, girl!

  3. We're going to have a blast when we record! Just curse in Australian and I won't need to edit...and I have enough "umms" to cover for both of us.

    1. It was fun! I hope I did OK Hawgeye... was worried about it!


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