Waiting for 6.0 - Fun on the Isle of Giants

Crooked said to me, how about I pass some time on the Isle of Giants?  I might as well chase an achievement there.  So off I went to farm bones with Crooked.

It wasn't too bad.  We picked up bones, laughed at a few people, and I even ran across someone from Dath'remar that I knew who had transferred over to Saurfang.  It's a small world.

We got lots of pets, and I even saw the Stunted Direhorns on the Isle - pity they can't be captured! We saw them kept in square pens or hiding under tables.

And then we saw a rare on the ship - War-God Dokah.  What ship?  You know, THAT ship, with the big dino on it.

But how do we get there?  We tried sneaking up to the ship and then big scary dino chasing us in the water.  Then we tried the Timeless Isle trick where you go till you get fatigue, then fly in.  Crooked died of fatigue whilst trying to get back, and I was excited because I managed to fly over and then get dismounted near the ship... except I hit the ship and died LMAO!

So Crooked and I thought oh, what the hell, let's just try and kill the dino.  So we engaged it, nearly killed ourselves, but at least the dino was dead!  And it was great for me that we did because I managed to get that last journal that I had been missing for AGES!!

Then we had to kill all those trolls on the ship to get the War God.  They weren't too bad.  Here is Dokah, a fine looking Zandalari troll specimen.

42 million health.  Wow.  OK, this could be painful.  So I beared up and Crooked hit lust and off we went.  Essentially Dokah was like a Warbringer with all their abilities, so not a problem if you can solo a Zandalari warbringer.  We nearly did it - Crooked and I nearly got it down but I died, and then Crooked managed to live a little bit longer, and I thought he was going to get it... but then in swooped an avenging orc shaman who was flagged and started blasting Dokah! It was Luxy, here to save the day!  But then oh no, Crooked died and Dokah converted to Luxy's tag and she picked up the loots, but Crooked and I were happy that we managed to see it.  Luxy felt bad for taking our loots but I was happy to just get a screenshot :D

So that was fun.  Crooked got all his Zandalari lower-limb-attacking battle pets so he's happy.  Now I've got something else to do in the week or two before 6.0!

Oh, and WHY do all these Zandalari trolls like Red Blossom Leeks and Juicycrunch Carrots so much?  I guess that's one of those Zandalari secrets...


  1. I remember farming him the first few weeks after that came out. No one even knew he was up there except me. So my friends and I kept characters up there and killed him every time he respawned. Lots and lots of things for reputation there, not to mention pets. I got so many characters to exalted on his back.

    I went there a few weeks ago to see if I could solo him now, should be no problem right? Not exactly, took me three tries. Once I got aggro and he feared me instead of my pet. Once the dincomancers started to respawn and killed my pet so I had to feign. But the third time I managed to beat him like a red headed stepchild and was rewarded with a big bag, a small bag, 2 pets and a nice collection of BoA reputation pieces. Not a bad days work.

    Have fun grinding for the while raptor and the pet. :)

    1. Hey TGE :) You pet class people - you make stuff look so easy! Then when I go give it a go I feel like I'm smashing my face into the floor over and over... sigh. I'm just glad I managed to kill it once - I dont think I'll be going back for seconds any time soon....


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