Trash mobs in Firelands raid - part 2

Last night we had 20 people on and not enough for 2 proper groups (there were 5 healers in the leftover group!) so we ended up doing a trash run for rep.  So we decided to head towards Rhyolith which had some different trash but the more impressive trash was up near Alysrazor where there were 2 Blazing Monstrosities who were chained by Harbingers.  At first Ampharos just stepped in and we got pwnd by blasts from the Harbingers, the eggs hatching and the monstrosities... but it turns out you can ride the Monstrosities!  And shoot stuff!  Now that was cool!  Look closely down below and you can see someone riding them!

Then Staghelm came out and then Alysrazor and of course all fire peacocks (!!) look cool!

I found this great link for Firelands trash by Icy veins!

Oh and just to show that we did clear trash up to Rhyolith here is the big rock himself:

I wish we could have engaged him just to see what it was like!  Oh well, sometime in the next few months perhaps!