Occu'thar 25 kill yesterday

Well Arena season started yesterday and the new boss in Baradin Hold was out (Occu'thar - which is the big demon dog in the cage on your way to Argaloth).  So after a well timed instance and server restart (grrr) off we went to BH to do Occu'thar.

It was actually a very easy fight.  Basically tanks taunt of each other, face the boss away from us so we don't get the frontal cone attack, and watch out for when he turns around and stares at you with Focused Fire which also makes a void zone on the ground - easy enough to avoid.  It's when all his little eyes come out then you should all group up so you can aoe all those eyes down in 10 seconds otherwise they blow up for 25k dmg a pop, raid wide.  We did wipe at first, but the second attempt was easy.

There is minimal raid damage.  You only really have to heal people up when they stand in the void zone too long or if an eye manages to blow up.  One or 2 blowing up isn't too bad, at least it keeps me awake.  I have to say that from a healer point of view it was pretty easy.

And of all things, I ended up with Feral Tier.  Great.  Quite a few pvp items also, but nothing really for me.  Grats to all the winners!