11000 Achievement points today

I made it to 11000 today!  I got Have... Have We met? today - Mankirk was my last one and he was in my party today - wasn't that easy!  Everyone was telling me to macro it... but geez it's just as easy to type

/tar chro
/tar hemet
/tar mank
/tar nat
/tar link
/tar thas

and /wave if one popped up.  After all, killing mobs in Sethria's Roost for that quest basically means you just put one dot on and you have the kill, giving you plenty of type to type that all that /tar stuff.

Of course I was tracking too so as the list got smaller it got a lot easier.

So yay to me!

There are still a lot of achievements to do with the whole Firelands quest chains and dailies which I haven't done.  I was terrible yesterday and kept getting hit by the breath of the dog (/facepalm) so I had to give up after the 3rd go, as I only had limited time to complete my dailies!  And of course the one with the birds and soar.... ugh I want to get that one done the easy way as soon as the daily comes up again!