Frustrating arenas - I hate rude people!

I really dislike people who laugh at you during arena while they are being difficult or killing you.  Last night was a bad night, we had a 5s where there was one pally healer, one ret pally, a warrior, dk and a rogue.  They killed us and were spamming rude things at us, which I don't think is very sportsmanlike.  I don't do that when I kill a team continuously.

So we gave up after getting them 3 times in a row.  And dying 3 times in a row.  It felt like my team did no damange to them whatsoever.  Their healer didn't even get any heals off and the health of the others was like at full.

Then I decided to try some 2s...

Not any better.

We got a double healer team who basically just ran around and were trying to wait out the game time.  Sev said that he was sure that that team would usually just hope the other team afk's or leaves the arena rather than waste time there, and he was probably right.  Anyway, we didn't get them down because a holy pally and disc priest are terrible to kill when we don't have the burst for it.  So that was a waste of 45 minutes.  And they also spent their time laughing at us.  So me and Sev had to just sit down and not do anything just to not be provoked.

Just plain rude.