Scraping together 25 people for Firelands

Now it's great for everyone in guild getting their rep with Avengers of Hyjal, however, I do feel it is detrimental to raiding.  Not everyone is geared enough, we have a lot with lousy connections, and it's just painful because we have to clear trash to get to the boss and then wait for all the d/c etc.

Perhaps today it might be best if we do 25 man trash clear and 10 man the boss.  I can't see people being happy about that, but it might be the best for progression.

What would really be best for progression is to finish getting everyone their Tier Helms!  More Nef and a couple of tries at heroic would be good I think.

But how am I going to decide which healers to take?  Obviously I would take the better geared ones with better connections, but I think it will have to come to rolls to decide which 3 are going to get to go.