Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #2

I have to put this as numero uno for this week as Rio posting this pic made me realise that I had no idea who Dath'Remar was!  So thanks Rio for inspiring me to make another random trivia post :)

How does Jasyla do it, she always seems to have great "how to" guides for just about everything.  And it was funny because I do get comment frustration sometimes when I can't post anonymously that I won't even bother posting, and she has ACTIVELY gone out to educate people.  Gogo Jas!

Hilarious to read, and easy to relate to.  I was in a Battle for Gilneas yesterday and the one game we lost was rather frustrating.  There was one mage, and I whispered him while we were waiting for the battle to start "Do you have any spare food?"  His reply?  "Fuck off."  I mean like... woah.  That was a bit uncalled for.  And he was in PVE gear which I wouldn't really care about ordinarily but he made comments like "Well you guys suck at BGs so I'm going to AFK here while I go get a drink."  Anyway, so the match wasn't going anywhere and one dps said to me "Are you a healer? You're not healing much."  Well, no I'm not, I'm standing around with everyone else because it's pretty pointless for me to go charging off anywhere unless there are dps to heal, coz I ain't gonna kill anything as a healer am I?  So I basically said "Go somewhere and I'll heal you."  So I did.  Though I do have to admit I am often on guard duty as I do have a little bit of survivability and abilities to keep people off a flag until backup arrives.  Warstomp, healing, hurricane are all very useful little things that buy a few seconds here and there. (I got to this blog via Dwarven Battle medic again!)