My thoughts on Firelands Dailies

Whew, the daily grinding is getting a tiny bit tedious.  What started as 3 dailies, rapidly turned into 7, and then into 13.  The good thing about dailies is that they give money.  But boy is it crowded.  I try to do my dailies in the morning (or sometimes even at work), but this weekend I am away.

The dailies I find hardest to do are the killing ones.  Fortunately Blizzard made it nice that you can share kills, especially big mobs with 300k+ health.  Like those Molten Behemoths.  Or the mobs in Sethria's Roost.  It takes me forever to kill them and if I didn't have those druids helping I would be dead most of the time.  That happened to me today actually.  I died from 2 mobs hitting me and then while flying back to my body I flew just off Sethria's Roost into Ashenvale and then my flying mount disappeared, stranding me in Ashenvale.  I thought I would have to take rez sickness but fortunately someone was kind enough to rez me.

The daily I did hate at first was Between the Trees. Chasing those damn deer spirits around was really difficult until Xyn told me the easy way to do it was to stand in the path of them and they'll just run into you.  But the easiest daily for me is the Burn Victims - throw a rejuv as you run past and they're tagged.  But I hear priests and pallies have it just as OP as well - pallies just run around with an aura of some sort on while they're doing mobs and it just picks everything up around them.  Priests just holy nova like crazy and not only does it tag kill mobs it also heals burn victims.

Sometimes Those Bears up There quest is a big buggy - I am sure I have thrown them on the trampoline but I don't get the count for it.

I unlocked the Druid dailies yesterday and did them today - I think that the Shadow ones are easier to do than the Druid ones.  Well the good thing about unlocking all those dailies was that I got Fireside Chat because we talked to the Druid NPCs.  And doing the Shadow ones means you can get Master of the Molten Flow.

And my personal pet hate of the Druid dailies?  Would have to be the starting one where you have to protect the guy as he walks up and parts the flames.  Ok, maybe I'm doing something wrong but I keep dying.  Lushnek told me to cheat and just run up the side - the far left side - but I died to flames.  Everytime.  So as painful as it is with all those mobs on me, I think I will continue to follow that guy through the flames and just heal the crap out of himself and myself.