My sad realisation for 2v2 Arena

Patch 4.2 has come with some sad revelations for me in arena.  I no longer think that Sev and I can get a good rating in 2v2.

Since the new arena season, we have been frustrated that our usual methods of arena play have not worked.  That is, our survive the burst and whittle you down out of mana so we can burn you slowly technique.  These days nobody is running out of mana and our dots pressure is easy to outheal now.  The consequence of me putting increased pressure is making me run out of mana.

We played a game yesterday against a druid and a warrior and it was really frustrating.  Perhaps we were approaching it wrong - perhaps we should have focussed cc on the druid and had the felpuppy eating the heals off the warrior, instead of trying to get the puppy on the druid to eat their mana away slowly.  But that fight was a symptom of what games have started to look like, too many games.

I recall a few games ago where the 2 of us were unable to kill a disc priest.  A lone disc priest.  Who just ran around and healed themselves and never ran out of mana.  It was really frustrating.  We did that for a good 10-15 minutes.

Then of course there was a double healer act which was equally frustrating.  The pally left out of boredom but that ended in a draw after 45 minutes of time wasting.

So I think that I may have to focus on our 5 man team for our weekly points and arena fix.  Because 2s have made me frustrated and that makes me sad, because my 2v2 games used to be the highlight of my pvp week.

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 Ok, the clockwork gnome is here to make me feel better.  Looking at pets makes me feel better ok? :P