Farewell to Cymre

It was going to happen eventually, but my good friend Cymre left the guild yesterday.  Her other half, Coolidge, left a few months ago, with the thought of quitting game, and also our raid times were too difficult for his American time clock, he wasn't able to regularly attend.  All those in Frosties know that Cym and Cool are almost inseparable and they like to do everything together. As most of Cym's friends are in Frostwolves, she stayed because I asked her to (she was going to leave as well, as she was feeling a bit emotional at the time), because I didn't want her to be lonely in WoW!

Cym and Cool came over from Khadgar (which is where Frostwolves was from originally) because her friends are here (one of the closest being me! She introduced me to WoW in 2005... and here I am still!).  They have their own guild that they have had since Vanilla, Mischiefus, which was kind of like their own secret playground if you know what I mean /wink /nudge - populated with their mains and alts.  On Khadgar they started doing some 10 mans but eventually decided to come over to Dath'remar.  Maybe she missed me?  :D But likely it was because they were looking for a fresh start and nicer ping.

Just recently, Coolidge decided not to quit WoW, and wanted to work with Cymre on levelling their own guild, so Cym has gone back to her own guild (where all her level 85 alts live anyway!) and work on her guild rep and maybe one day start a small raid guild again like she used to have on Khadgar.

People asked if I'm ok with her leaving.  But she hasn't really gone anywhere, realID means that your friends are never far from you in WoW, so we will still talk as much as we ever did.  And I have to say sometimes it can be really hard being an officer when good friends are in the guild!  Bossing your friends around can be .. well... stressful!

But now Thraso is number one in achievment points in guild.  That makes me number two.  So at least I have an attainable goal now - see if I can have the most achievement points in the guild!

So good luck to Cymre and hope you remember the fun times and achievements you had in Frostwolves!  Oh and I'm stealing some of her cute rare pics... this is the best one I think!  Ever since I saw it I have had it constantly on my mind....


  1. Not sure if I saw this when you first posted it but what a great nostalgia read :)

  2. You have read it. Getting senile woman :p


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