Healing Beth'tilac normal (10 man Druid POV)

Matriarch of the Cinderweb brood, Beth'tilac and her merciless offspring sate their appetites by sucking the magma and fire from the corpses of elementals. To provide her broodlings with added sustenance Beth'tilac has woven a network of incendiary webs throughout her web to trap unsuspecting prey.
- from Dungeon Journal

This 2 phase encounter was challenging - it took us 3 days in 10 man to get it down.  Lucky me got to attend on the last day (which happened to be kill day)!  Note - we are not a heroic guild and we are all dressed in 358 gear except for our new Hyjal rep gear and new VP gear.  So this blurb is mostly for guildies and non heroic/casual guilds.

Basic overview

Beth hides on top of her web for phase 1 and if nobody goes up there she does venom rain on the raid below.  To get up there you climb Cinderweb Spinners' webs.  When her fire energy is zero she sets herself on fire and you have to get off the web and go back down.  However down below there is action too - a Cinderweb drone comes out who sucks fire energy from Beth so kill it before it starts doing that too much.  At the same time Spiderlings come up and head toward the drone and have to be killed because they heal the drone... and heal Beth too if they're up when she comes down.

In Phase 2 she's on the ground and it's a dps race.

Phase 1 - topside

Let the tank go up first, then follow.  Don't let the dps get the web ride before you or it's tanksplat!  On the top watch out for meteors and the big hole in the middle... only go for the hole when it's smoldering devastation time!  Oh and don't muck around with the web string because if you click it and don't do it right it disappears.  And if you leave it took long it also disappears.

Druid pointers: having been up top I would have to say it's probably best if the druids don't do this.  With only 2 or 3 people up the top, wild growth and efflorescence are wasted because the 3 of us are just too spread out and .. well there are only 3 people instead of 6.  The tank however is quite easy to heal up here.  Oh and watch that step...

Phase 1 - underweb

Tank takes the drone and should try and kite it away from the spiderlings if some of them make it through the aoe and dps.  The dps should each be assigned a cave to keep an eye on so they can get the spiderlings.  Ranged obviously best for this.  Melee are either best up top or dpsing the drone, but they can help if spiderlings are getting through.  Healing this requires a bit of movement because the tank moves away and the dps are moving towards their caves at times as well.  You wish they'd all just bloody well stand together to make it easy to heal.  Lots of raid damage, but healers are best sticking to the middle and keeping range on the tank and yelling at the dps to move closer.

Phase 2 - burn

Everyone not a tank should be standing at her tail which at least makes that part of AOE healing easy.  The tank gets a Widow's Kiss debuff so they will require some tank swapping as having that debuff decreases healing taken.  And they also do damage to people near them if they have that debuff hence why we are far away from them.  The start of phase 2 is not too healing intensive but as you get about 90 seconds down the track it's getting heavy and using healing cooldowns would probably be good from here onward.

Druid pointers: I would save tree form for 60-90 seconds into Phase 2 and tranquility after tree form drops off.  Innervate early so you can get a second innervate in because it really is mana intensive.  I saved my efflorescence and swiftmend for raid and kept LB and OOC procs for the tanks.  Wild growth spam works well here too haha!

Show your healer nubness by:
- falling down the hole from the top of the web when she is NOT about to do smoldering devastation (ie oops was that a hole there?)
- not standing with the raid in phase 2

So what yummies for Resto druids can you get from Beth'tilac?
Cowl of the Clicking Menace
Cindersilk Gloves
Funeral Pyre - not my choice but if it's going to be DE'd...
Smoldering Censer of Purity (rare drop from any of the bosses)

I think it's more of a dps check fight than a healer check fight.  We have done it now with a few different combinations so I'll list them all here so you can see anyone can do it!
Combo 1: Top - paladin, Bottom - Resto druid holy priest
Combo 2: Top - Holy Priest, Bottom - 2 paladins