Raid summary for the week

Well this week was all Firelands, with the last 2 raid nights actually doing bosses!  First we tried Shannox but I think our dps wasn't up to scratch because the add was taking out people really fast and we had laggy healers and offspec dps (ie healers!) so it wasn't that great.  And it took forever to clear trash to get there so we only got about 30 minutes to try it.

Yesterday we tried Beth'tilac which at least is fast to get to.  And man were the d/c's rife.  2 healers d/c and a couple of dps lagging really bad (like 2 or 3) so it was bad.  I think the aoe damage of the fight makes it bad for a lot of people.  We had 2 pulls from d/c people who logged back in right under the boss and basically caused 2 wipes.  Though this looks doable, but I think we will have to focus on 10 man to get it down.

So next week I think the plan will be for 2 days of 25 man and 2 days of 10 man.  Though I really would like to go for a Nefarian kill sometime.  Should I pug it or try to make it to one of the alt runs?  I don't think I should be playing WoW that much though.  Hyad aggro and all.