What a good day in Achievements and Arch

Well, today was a good day for digging!  I completed quite a few Troll artifacts as well as a rare!  So I got the Voodoo Figurine (yay another pet!), and I now have the Ancient Amber (Fossil), Clockwork Gnome (Dwarf), Pendant of the Scarab Storm (Tol'vir) and Arrival of the Naaru (Draenei) to work on!  So if I finish those I'll be Professor Navimie!
And I finished my Seven Sceptors today, as well as Let's Do Lunch: Undercity (Roach was last one I needed - in fact lots of people needed it, they got their achievement today too) and Ludicrous Speed.  So all up a really good day.

PS: I forgot to mention I got my Menagerie a few days ago. YAY!