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Ever since Cataclysm came out and we started raiding BWD, I patiently sat by and watched everyone slowly getting their epic helms and tier helms.  It will drop eventually, I thought, and besides, this heroic blue one is really good (Cluster of Stars).  It has haste and spirit, so I don't really want to change it for something else unless it's something with similar or mastery.  So I was hoping for the Atramedes or the Tier helm from Nefarian.  But week after week Atramedes did not yield it for me.  Every other druid got an epic... except me.

That lack of epic helm got me into a lot of fights with my friends.  When guildies wanted to skip to do Nefarian, I refused because I wanted to do Atramedes so I could get a chance at a helm (mages and other druids were ahead of me on DKP).  How many times did I force a full clear when people complained that stuff gets DE'd (yeah well it's ok for them, they have full 359!) I have lost count.  Anyway, no permanent damage was done, but I still didn't have a helm.

So coming into Cataclysm I still had my blue helm.  I hadn't done that many ZA runs to get the helm there (gosh I remember when I had the original ZA helm! Helm of Natural Regeneration) so I did finally get a 353 helm (Amani Headdress) after a goddamn Zandom.  Not my perfect choice as I lost a lot of haste but mastery is just as good!

So I wore it a few weeks, and I was wondering how long I'd have to wear this crappy helm for (maybe the whole of Firelands!) and on our Beth'tilac kill yesterday, Cowl of the Clicking Menace dropped.
I screamed HAT in officer! Fue asked me, "Do you want that, Navi?" and Ampharos laughed.

So now I have a nice shiny hat.  I am so pleased.  I might even display it just because I'm so happy.


  1. Congrats on the new helm! Feels awfully nice upgrading from a blue to a 378 epic.

    The helm doesn't look too bad on Tauren, at least you can still see your face a bit. On my Night Elf my face is completely obscured - it gives me a barkface to go along with my Barkskin. I ended up hiding it after a couple weeks.

  2. @Jasyla: Thanks Jas! Though I did have my Amani Headdress for a few weeks but I think it was just bad luck on my part in raid drops. I wonder how long before I go back to hiding helm again!


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