A fun heroic 5 man pug - my lucky day!

I had the house to myself (sleeping baby and hubby and daughter out) so I thought I could get a quick random in for my Valour points (sorry, I know it's Valor but I refuse to use that American spelling!)

Now I tend to choose randoms rather than Zandoms because they tend to be quicker and sometimes Zandoms can be soooo long.  Unless you're with guildies of course.

So I got into one and it was a bunch of 4 from the same guild and server.  The first thing they said was "Hey, this is an achievement run, is that ok with you?"  Music to my ears!

It was Halls of Origination and the only achievement I didn't have there was I Hate that Song.  And fortunately for me they did it.  That made my day.  Unfortunately for them we didn't make it through the run for the Faster than the Speed of Light, but we did make Sun of A... and also Straw that Broke the Camel's back.  Boy that felt good.  I am still holding on to that 3rd place in achievement points!  But the other 2 are speeding away from me!

Edit:  Well I'll have to add it to this post because technically it was on the same day.  So Nok and I pugged 3 dps for a ZA run and not only did I get 2 achievements (Ring Out! and Hex Mix) but I got a new helm too!  However there were a few hiccups because we wiped a few times on Ring Out, with lag and me dying early (silly me didn't move properly and got charged twice by bear).  So all in all a good achievement day!