Raiding - You really notice those upgrades with 5.8.4 !!!

Everyone was happy to be raiding last night.  After the ridiculous Wednesday server f-ups which destroyed our ability to raid or even log onto WoW for any level 90, everyone was super keen to see what our newly upgraded gear was going to be like in heroic SoO.

(For those who aren't on oceanic times and missed the whole kerfuffle, the speculation of what was wrong was that any toon that had upgradeable gear was stuck in places with no NPCs, unable to log off unless they Alt-F4, able to chat in guild and whispers but not able to do any interactions like mount or professions.  There had been a server restart at 745pm and after that was when the issues started and they persisted until another restart at about 1030pm.  I ended up playing Navijr since she was unaffected by whatever was going on).

Exray was worried that we would kill Immerseus too fast and be over run with adds. But that wasn't a problem - Immerseus went down easily.  In fact, everything went down easily.  Nath sat out for Immerseus, Protectors and Norushen, I sat out for Sha, Asys sat out for Galakras, Aza sat for Iron Juggernaut, Sev was out for Dark Shamans and Morz was out for Nazgrim.  We cleared the whole lot by 2245 - that was better than our normals record.  There wasn't much loot going around unfortunately - though Exray's DK got a ring and a 2H weapon, and Asys got Tier gloves, and an offspec ring. Seems like we are DE'ing more loot than we are getting - but it gets a bit like that, I think.

But I will say that everything SEEMED easier.  It felt like they had nerfed the instance rather than given us buffs.  I was worried about Nazgrim as I hadn't done it before, but we did it ok.  Asys died from the Sniper once and after that I was more vigilant with it and tried to heal him more.  On one of the fights - I don't remember if it was Iron Juggernaut or Nazgrim - Exray/Snowcaller died and Aimei had to tank the last bit on his own for a little bit and managed to live. I suspect it was Iron Juggernaut.  And that even went really well, not much of a stress.

So we had a look at Malkorok and it's so fiddly. We've only just started so we're still working it out, but we have SO much ranged we're fighting for space.  Everyone seemed keen to do an extra day of raiding, so I've put an event on the calendar for tonight to see if people want to do a make-up raid to catch up for our lost day on Wednesday.  If we do raid tonight, we'll spend the whole night doing Malkorok and see how it goes, and do a full clear on Monday for Garrosh.  This time I'm going to go!  But if we don't raid tonight, no biggie, I'm happy just finishing off the raid on Monday and having a fresh go next week.


  1. Glad there were no restarts this time. Fly Frostwolves! Fly into the sky!

    1. I hope there are no restarts on Monday...

  2. "It felt like they had nerfed the instance rather than given us buffs."

    That was kind of the intent :)

    Re: Malkorok -- we literally assign people 60 degree cones (have 2 tanks, 2 melee, 4 ranged, 2 healers). Trying to do it with more than 2 melee is painful, not sure how your melee vs ranged balanced is, sounds like you might have 1 or 0 melee if your ranged feel crowded.

    Must be a nice feeling!

    1. We have 2 tanks, one melee, 5 ranged and 2 healers. 7 people around edges gets really crowded - I have no idea how they do it on 25 man! :D We have always been ranged heavy - melee always seem to be the first ones to suffer from wow burnout...


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