Raiding - a good 2 days despite ANOTHER server restart

There was a positive vibe when we started raiding this week.  With Dark Shamans going down last week, we were all pretty excited that we were getting places and going somewhere!

Immerseus went down one shot, for the first time in AGES!  I think the Lushen + Jazz on adds really does the trick.  Everything went smoothly until we got to Galakras.  Then we wiped. Not once, but twice!  After that we were onto Juggernaut and we just wiped for the rest of the night.  But we had gotten our easy bosses down, so that was a plus!

Morz had a coffee date planned for Thursday so he wanted to leave early.  So we hoped to start early, but Asys said that he would only be able to get home at around 9 anyway.  But I logged on early to see if we could start as early as possible - and lo and behold, there was a server restart at 10pm... ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME???  So that left us with a very short raid indeed.

And the last person to logon was Morz - I rang him whilst he was in the shower.  But we kicked off before 9 and we got started on Iron Juggernaut.  It only took us 5 goes to get it down and we got some good loot! I got Laser-Slice Signet, and Aimei rolled Laser Burn Bracers. There was 20 minutes till 10pm and Aza wondered if we were going to bother doing Dark Shamans, since there wasn't much time.  I said there was probably enough for one go, considering the servers usually start going down at 10pm so we might have till 1015pm.

Aza has this bad habit of dying from the first tombs when we start the fight.  Owl teased him about it, and wouldn't you know... Aza died from the tombs.  Great start to our only go for the night!  We only got halfway through the fight before I killed Nath and Jazz when I got the Foul stream.  We quickly wiped it up - there had been no 15 minute warning yet, time for one more go!

We were doing really great this second time.  We got to 25% and popped bloodlust, and then poor Nath and Luxy died!  I rezzed Nath, hoping Luxy could pop, but she couldn't and we kept going.  OMG we were going to do it! Woohoo!  Dark shamans down before server reset!!!  Jazz told me not to take a picture of her tombs, because they were not as beautifully stacked as her previous attempts.  Nath however dumped his all over the place, typical male...

Loot was good!  I rolled Kardris' Scepter and it just so happened that it was the drop as well and Luxy actually WANTED a loot!  So now she has a mace and a shield - she won't die so much now maybe!  Aimei got Damron's Belt of Darkness - 2 loots for him in one night? Looks like he's been praying to RNGesus!

Now that leaves a whole day on Monday for us to figure out this "easy" General Nazgrim.  I might sit out depending on if we have a proper DPS turn up, but we'll see how we go.  Wouldn't it be great if we got Naz this week!  That would be an amazing week!

Uh oh... great... now I've jinxed us.