Raiding - Nazgrim down!

Sev was back from his sojourn in the country, so it was time to put some full DPS into the team!  This time I decided I would sit out and let the boys heal it (as Asys seems to be really full of confidence these last few weeks and it would be good for them to get it down) and I just cruised in Vent listening to the fight whilst I bummed around on my farm.

The first attempt went REALLY well.  Unfortunately Snowcaller got a bit excited (as he does) and taunted late, and ended up with Aimei dying and the raid wiped at 3% or something. Jazz had died earlier from something and so he couldn't be rezzed.  OMG I was excited! Nazgrim is going down TODAY!!

The next attempt was even better because it was a kill.  Woohoo!  Cheers all round!  That did seem a lot easier than Dark Shamans LOL!  Lootwise Luxy and Aimei both got heroic tier gloves and the sword was given to Aza's demon to play with... again. I swear that Felguard needs his own bank to keep all his weapons.

After that there were a few looks at Malkorok.  Morz is probably going to sit that one out because disc priests aren't that great on Malk compared to me and Asys - but that's a while coming.  I think everyone is excited about the patch coming and everyone wants to get their gear before we try to progress anymore and that seems ok.  Plus it will get me up to speed and see if I can heal Nazgrim or not!  There's a hell of a lot of ranged... I felt like we were fighting for space.  I peeked in to have a look before I dropped again so we could finish off normals.  Tacky came in and they cleared the whole instance with 4 people getting BoAs from Garrosh last night.

But a lot of gear is getting sharded.  Makes me wonder if we should be sneaking some other people in for the easier bosses.  Or whether we should be starting to do heroic Protectors again for Jazz.

I've left the kill pic at home, so I will upload that later.  But grats Frostwolves!  8/14 heroic - who would have thought we would be doing that?  I wish I was there - but hey, I'll get my turn!  Exciting stuff!!


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