Navispam - Meeting Leeta as I'm about to be on Behind the Avatar

I'm excited this week because Leeta from Behind the Avatar has asked me to be on her show!  Her podcast is as the name suggests - she is interested about the person behind the WoW toon and what makes them tick.  Oh god, I have to try my best to speak clearly and calmly and not say so many "you know" and "ummm" and "errr"... I don't know how these podcasters do it! Leeta is a very busy bee - she not only has Behind the Avatar, but she also cohosts Geektopia, CtrlAltWoW and Corpse Run Radio podcasts.

I remember when I first met Leeta - it was on Twitter, and I was introduced by Amijade, I think.  The funny thing was, Leeta was another AIE member, which brings me to a grand total of 3 people I know in AIE, all of whom are warlocks. LOL.

Leeta loves doing things which are HARD.  I see her there with her insane title, and she's doing her Gonna Need Bigger Bags achievement, which is another of those things I've put in the "too hard" box.  I told her that I had only recently discovered she was Aussie, which was rather stupid of me since I had listened to her podcast before but the penny just hadn't dropped until I listened to her interviewing Moogyver and I realised - hey they all have the same accent!!

Leeta says that WoW is her only MMO and she does so enjoy this game.  I can relate - after all it's my only MMO and just about the only thing that I play really (except for android phone games like 2048 and Candy crush) and I still love it.  She told me that she is totally addicted to coffee - but I knew that from her twitter LOL!

I look forward to being on her show on Saturday and guys, if you listen, don't laugh too hard as you find out all the stupid things I used to do in WoW and about how I play and if anybody does an "umm" or a "you know" counter, don't tell me if it's over 100, ok? :D