A Glow-ing future!

Yesterday I was flying around doing my pet battles trying to level my pet and I was at Seeker Zusshi in Townlong Steppes and there was a Night Elf female fishing next to me when I came out of my pet battle.  I looked at her name... it was Glow.

I was excited - is that my friend Glow? I waved to her.  She had just flown off, so she didn't wave back.  I stopped and thought for a second - maybe that wasn't Glow.  But I KNOW that Saurfang was her server when she was in Labyrinth - after all, Voros joined us here, so Glow should be here too.  Maybe I got her name wrong.  I did an armoury search for Glowbie, which was the name of her tauren priest on Dath'remar, and there was no Glowbie on Saurfang, not anything higher than 80 anyway.  It must be Glow.

Determined, I planted myself right in front her face in my usual subtle manner and waved enthusiastically in bird form.  Well, emoted in bird form.  A big tauren in your face when you're trying to fish can be mildly annoying to say the least.  She waved back, and I cheered and she cheered back.  It WAS Glow!

I Btagged her because emoting can only get you so far and then started chatting - asking where she had been, what she was doing, was she back, was she on a 10 day free return to WoW thing... and she said that she had bought Warlords of Draenor and she had to buy Mists so here she was.  She was just chilling out seeing how things were going here, and seeing if she wanted to play again.  She has been busy doing her crafty stuff, and we had a small giggle about her non-blogging and then I mentioned that I thought she might not have remembered who I was which earned me some Night Elf girly slaps for being a ning-nong.

I told her that Voros looked totally different to what I thoughe he looked like - Glow said that he looked to fair to be a Death Knight!  Blonde DKs are just kinda odd!  Voros isn't back in game but seeing Glow reminded me that I had hoped he would come back in Warlords of Draenor.

I had to go do some Challenge Modes with Owl, Exray, Aza and Crooked after that, and so I couldn't chat anymore, but I was super pleased to see Glow!  She said a lot of her guildies had gone to other servers and I asked her if she was going to follow them - she was unsure.  But she was levelling a hordie... I said if it ever needed a secret home she was welcome, but she was still finding her feet.  Anyway I was super happy she was back and having someone to talk crafty stuff with is always fun (even though my crafts are nothing like the cool stuff Glow does) - though compared to her my craft stuff is totally amateur :)

Welcome back to WoW Glow! I hope you stay a while :D (though, if she bought WoD, I guess she does plan to level to 100, amirite?)


  1. Oh wow. I was a huge ning-nong to not notice you for that long! :-) It's funny how I always run into people in far-flung places. Haven't seen a sing familiar face in all the time I've spent hanging around in the Shrine of Seven Stars.

    Yes I definitely plan to level to 100. And yes it might be nice to raid again in WoD. But for the moment I'm just re-learning everything there is to learn. I haven't even stepped into a dungeon yet. I've done one scenario though! ;-) And as you say: I'm just enjoying fishing and questing, checking out the new factions, exploring the new world and generally bumming around.

    It was lovely to see you :-)

    1. You know how absorbing fishing can be, you want to be able to hear the bob splash, that you don't really notice around you! If you hadn't been standing next to me I wouldn't have seen you. Thank goodness I had names on!

      I had a giggle thinking wouldn't it be funny if you saw me at the Shrine of Seven Stars - as I realised the only way you would have seen me was if I was dead because the guards would stab me till I was a pool of beef on the ground.


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