PvP - When losing is better than getting a tie

In PvP it's always bad if you tie.  In arena, a tied game means both teams lose.  I never realised that it was the same for a rated battleground.

Rated Battlegrounds are interesting because you can lose a game and still get conquest points.  So called YOLO RBGs, which are PuG RBGs where it's not an intense strategy but just play to see if you get  a win, are a good way to get the last few conquest points because your arena rating isn't high enough to increase your conquest cap to the 2200 mark.

I remember a lot of people griping about losing an RBG giving you points.   I'm not sure why they made it that way, but it does encourage people to make teams to play.  It's really hard to get into RBGs otherwise, especially when you have no rating, nobody wants to take you.  Also, then there are more teams playing, more games going so shorter wait times for everyone.  I don't see a problem with it.  The problem I have is finding an RBG.

You never see people advertising for RBGs on Saurfang, since it's not a PvP server.  I have level 1 alts in a number of PvP servers for that purpose only - finding an RBG.  Unfortunately, the times I want to play, there are hardly any people looking for people for RBGs.  Luxy has a toon on Mal'Ganis and she says she sees people asking for PuGs all the time for low MMR (matchmaking rating) RBGs, but I have never seen any when I've been on Mal'Ganis.  I've looked on Tichondrius as well, but they tend to be looking for people with ratings about 1700.  On the oceanics, I have toons on Jubei'thos, Barthilas and Frostmourne and there was no love there last night.  However, when I went to Blackrock I finally found a YOLO RBG and so swapping Btags, I went back to Saurfang to get on my toon.

It was pretty good actually, we had one win and one loss.  A shame I wasn't already conquest capped from arenas!  But we had a loss and then... we had a tie.

I've never had a tie in an RBG before.  And I didn't know that it would be like an arena, where there would be no conquest points to either side, and also loss of rating for all parties.

So the sad thing is, that it would have been better if we lost that game!  And we thought we were doing so well against that guild team.  Unfortunately, I had to go after that so I couldn't play again, but at least I have found a way into PuG RBGs after a year!  One more item to go until full Prideful!

Note: Oh and before anyone asks why don't you use OQ?  Well, that would be good except my Btag is full and I haven't got room to just let an addon randomly add people.  So I have to be a bit picky and choosey about who is on it.


  1. Omgosh. I didn't realize there was a max to your battletag friends. :O I only have 4. lol This is intentional, though, and not because I'm not social, just because sometimes, a girl needs a bit of peace and quiet, right?

    Anyway, hats off to you Navi, for doing RBGs and stuff. I love the gear, but PvP just makes my heart race. I'm terrible at it! But I've always felt that it's the best way to learn your class because you have to always think dynamically and be prepared for anything.

    1. I sometimes wish I had nobody on my btag but there is ALWAYS something I need to tell someone and the I'm wishing I could contact them - hey I know there is twitter and whatsapp and Viber and all the other instant messaging things, but that means I have to give everyone my phone number instead...

      Hey, I pvp to make my heart race! And though I think yeah it can be a good way to learn your class you don't get to learn much before you die - in that respect challenge modes (with friends) and proving grounds are better!


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