Maybe I should be nice to Spammers for just one day....

I have often said that I write for myself, and not for anyone else.  With it been NBI month and all, there's a lot of people talking about how to get yourself heard, noticed and getting involved in the community to  make friends and get traffic.

I realise now that it's not really true.  I really LIKE having a community of bloggers around me.  Though I still maintain that it doesn't particularly bother me if people read what I write because... well, it's basically the spillover from my brain when my mind starts getting full, and this blog gives me a great way to mind dump so I can make room for more useless thoughts in my head.

But I do get curious when I see have a certain number of pageviews.  But it BOTHERS me when I go to see what they're looking at, and it's clear that it's just spambots who are artificially boosting my pageviews.  It's WORSE, I think, feeling like you thought people are reading you when actually.. they aren't!  I would rather feel like nobody is reading, than to find that all the traffic coming through is looking at a post I made 2 years ago about a guild achievement!!!  Which you can tell as well from the number of spam posts that particular post attracts.  I don't understand spambots.  What is so attractive about that post?  It's titled "Guild Level 23 and United Nations".  I mean... REALLY... it's a super short post and I keep cleaning up the spam and it keeps coming back... it feels a little bit like cockroaches, every now and then I bomb them to get rid of them but they just never die.  Though blogger is a lot better lately with blocking spam.  I just wish that my artificially inflated pageviews was not spam!  I think I'd much rather be happy with 10 pageviews from real readers thatn 500 from spammers!

Anyway, 21 spam messages deleted.  I feel much better.  And 587 deleted from the spam comments.  Holy crap.  I swear I just cleaned that up last week.

Perhaps I was being a bit harsh.  Maybe these dandruff remedy blogs, or diarrhoea remedy blogs actually READ what I write.  Maybe those guys who say that they love my content and could I go give them some tips on their hair curling blog about to write REALLY are asking for my help.  Maybe I should stop being so skeptical and be NICE to spammers for a change.

OK, so today, I am going to be nice to every spammer on my blog.  But just for one day.  I am going to reply ever single comment made by spam just to prove to myself that I'm not a nasty horrible person, and that I have everyone one chance.  And maybe I might even click the links too.

If I'm not here tomorrow, you will know that I have been either infected with some hideous computer virus or the police have shown up at my door because I've been clicking too many porn links or something...


  1. I think there's an option somewhere to disable commenting on posts that are more than X weeks old? That would limit the number of spammed posts you have to clean up.

    1. Thanks Ellie! I shall go find it. And thanks for visiting :D

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    1. Lol amnesty for you today! Thank you for sharing /GIGGLE


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