Raiding - A couple of bashes at Malkorok and getting Crooked his achievement

We had a few looks at the Malkorok and I really need to pay more attention to what I'm doing.  I feel like sometimes I'm so busy looking at shields that I'm not looking at bubbles, and then I keep getting my shield popped and then I'm trying to get the tanks and I totally forget to get my swirly.  And if that's not stupid enough, I did stand in the bad thing a few times and died.  FAIL NAVI!!!

But everyone is getting used to it.  Mana was not as big an issues as I thought it would be, but does that mean I'm not healing enough?  Maybe it's because I'm standing next to Jazz.

Sev was having real issues with mana, as life tapping would probably be REALLY BAD.  Probably as we figure out things it would be ok, but for the moment while we're figuring it out, it's bad!

It only felt like half hearted attempts to me because it had been a short raid week (2 days and 4 hours total) and we wanted to do Garrosh this week.  But we did try and we were still trying to get through one phase 2 without people dying.  But we went back to hit up normal when we hit half time.  Sev and Asys dropped out so Crooked and Asys could come along.  Was good for Crooked because we needed someone to use some loots!

We were being annoying to Aza - because we were trying not to let Thok transition and so the casters were having a poopy time trying to do anything (no paladins sucks too!) and Aza was just autoattacking because he was unable to do anything.  Luxy too said that she could only get an instant lava burst whenever.  We only got to 47 I think, but I think Morz and I will have our next goal to never let it transition and kill it.  Jazz and Nath had no issues... maybe get Sev in next time.  And more melee.  LOL.

I was being cheeky in Paragons again.  Exray ran and pulled whilst I was distributing loot so of course I nearly died when I got bug jumped.  I dumped my symbiosed Windwalker's grace for a Lifegrip and as soon as he started tanking Kovok I yanked him out.  I wanted to do it during the fight itself, but with Crooked there, I didn't want him to get the wrong impression about me.  After all, this is SoO, very serious business /nod

We ran a little over time - gosh Crooked died a lot - but we thought it would be ok because it's Garrosh and it won't take long.  But... OMG we are such noobs, we wiped because we were doing so great on damage after the first dream phase they were trying to push him over so we wouldn't have another dream phase and those damn DPS tunnelled and didn't break MCs and so everyone got MC'd. BAD BAD BAD!

That added another 8 or 9 minutes to raid.  We did it the second time around and got it down and 4 of us got heirlooms - me included!  I was happy to get Hellscream's Warmace, and Luxy got a tanking shield, Exray got a strength axe and Aimei got an agility axe.  Pretty cool!

Crooked got his achievement, and like Dragonray, had no idea there was a mount.  I think he was happy to have that little surprise on the side! He's been busy trying to collect mounts and I think surprises like these are always the best ones.  Grats Crooked!


  1. Serious Business indeed! /nod

  2. Really appreciate the opportunity after trying to pug normals over the past few weeks and not getting far...
    5 upgrades in all, should correct my lack of stamina a bit, ahem.

    1. See your guild will provide. Even if they do take their sweet time.


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