Minipost: Raiding - So now we start the Malkorok wipes...

Guess what!  Server restarts in the middle of raid on Thursday!  What a surprise!

Fortunately we were only doing Nazgrim and Malkorok attempts.  Nagrim is easy now we've got it figured out, but damn those snipers still hurt.  At least I didn't die!  Lucky me rolled my heroic tier gloves and Nath got the Tier that dropped.  Guess he no longer needs the essence to upgrade those trash drop mail gloves.  I wonder where they have all gone.  In our first few weeks doing heroics we had tons of those things... I don't think I've seen one drop for a while now.

Then onto Malkorok. We did have a few goes last week and we had our positions set out this week, except Aza was tired and didn't want to play so Asys was DPSing - making us down one ranged.  Morz and I healed, and I somehow ended with Jazz and Luxy on my side, and Morz had Sev and Nath.

Man I had so many stuff ups.  Those purple things can be really far away!  I missed a couple, another one I displacered to it and went through a bubble as I got there, and another one I must have gotten a bubble coz I died.  I know it was doing my head in with watching everything, but when I put all the people on my side in my party, that makes it easier for me to keep them topped up.  Our first go was our best go with Malk getting to 15%, but after that we didn't have many good goes.  I wonder if Malk will be a bit like Immerseus, some weeks it goes great and other we just wipe and wipe and wipe...

The tanks are getting better at surviving and my pissy little Ironbark is put on the tank who is coming on to tank, whilst guardian spirit is going onto the other.  Not sure how it will roll when Asys is healing again, but probably spirit link and lots of heals...

I thought before that I wanted Malkorok for the bracers, but I am at haste cap now without reforging and pushing more mastery stuff, so maybe I don't need the bracers for haste.

Overall it's going ok, and the raiding atmosphere seems positive.  I'm glad I had 1000 valour to fully upgrade my new gloves!  Awesome!  Now I have nothing to upgrade so I can start hoarding valour again.


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