My Wishlist for my Perfect Resto Druid challenge mode healing gear

I had never really thought about the gear I was using for Challenge modes, except I knew that Legendary gems and cloaks don't proc and set bonuses don't work.  So I was just using gear that I had replaced for Challenge modes, with normal metas but still using my cloak because the stats on it were quite nice anyway, even without the proc.
I'm an idiot. I should have used the Challenger title!
However, Aza was telling me that the more sockets you have in your gear, the better it is for challenge modes - which made so much sense!  I mean, I knew socket bonuses were preserved, but I didn't realise that gems and enchants were also not scaled down.

So I thought I would compile a list for my druid that would be ideal for challenge modes.  It's probably not useful for people who have already done CMs since you can pretty much make do with any gear if you play it really well, but there might be some people out there learning druid who will at least have some old gear that they wonder is good before they get rid of it!  I think that BIS CM gear is better for tanks and DPS than healers so they can put the damage out,.

I like stacking on the haste so I've chosen a lot of haste gear and put the stats when scaled down to Challenge Mode.  A lot of people prefer Mastery and that's good too - bigger direct heals and then better hots with Harmony.  I just find cast times too slow and I really feel it sometimes. The stats seem to scale the same whether the gear is LFR, Normal or Heroic or Warforged so any of them will be fine!

I think the T16 Helm of the Shattered Vale (from Thok in SoO) is the best choice because it has a meta and red socket with +180 intellect bonus. All the other helms have yellow or blue sockets with a meta socket, or have a lousy socket bonus such as spirit.
2106 Armor
+1349 Stamina
+659 Intellect (+180)
+523 Spirit
+406 Haste

I think the T16 Mantle of the Shattered Vale (SoO from Siegemaster Blackfuse) is the best bet, but if you want some haste, Hopeglow Spaulders (SoO from Garrosh)is not a bad choice... shame about those sockets.  Mantle of the Haunted Forest (ToT from Iron Qon) is not bad either!

Hopeglow Spaulders
Mantle of the Shattered Vale
Mantle of the Haunted Forest
Intellect508 (+120)508 (+120)508
Spirit365398372 (+120)
2nd stat365 Haste311 Mastery354 Mastery

The T16 Robes of the Shattered Vale (Sha of Pride in SoO) has mastery as the secondary stat and has 3 sockets with bonus intellect which will give it a huge intellect bonus. But Amber Parasite Wraps(Paragons in SoO) is worth cosidering because it also has 3 sockets (2 red, 1 yellow and socket bonus of 180 intellect) and haste if you like haste.

Robes of the Shattered Vale
Amber Parasite Wraps
659 (+180)
659 (+180)
2nd stat
406 Mastery
540 Haste
R, R,Y

I think most of the bracers with spirit are much the same.  I would use Castlebreaker Bracers (Iron Juggernaut) because it has more spirit and I do need some Mastery, but if I still needed the haste Vampire Bat Bracers (Tortos in ToT) and Bracers of Averted Fatality (Malkorok in SoO) are very similar.

Vampire Bat
Bracers of Averted
2nd stat
285 Mastery
301 Haste
309 Haste

Handwraps of the Shattered Vale (General Nazgrim, Timeless Isle Celestials) have 2 red sockets with 120 intellect bonus
+1002 Stamina
+508 Intellect
+362 Spirit
+359 Haste

There are many good options here!  Girdle of Night and Day (Twin Consorts in ToT) is the same as Stonebound Cinch (The Stone Guard in MSV) if you want more spirit (socket bonus), but I prefer Pennyroyal belt (Leatherworking, which is what I use for raiding anyway).  If you're too loaded up on haste then Seal of Karmic Return (Garrosh in SoO) is a good choice.  Don't forget to put your belt buckles in!

Girdle of Night and Day
Stonebound Cinch
Pennyroyal Belt
Seal of Karmic Return
Intellect508508508 (+120)508 (+120)
Spirit365 (+120)365 (+120)372343
2nd stat365 Haste365 Haste354 Haste378 Mastery

I'm using my T16 Legwraps of the Shattered Vale (Paragons in SoO or Celestials on Timeless Isle), but Pennyroyal Leggings (Leatherworking) has great haste! T15 Legwraps of Haunted Forest (Ji-Kun in ToT) and Magnetized Leggings (Will of the Emperor in MSV) are decent substitutes too. However if you want godly mastery, you need to get the Ra-Den leather legs, Kilt of Perpetual Genuflection.  3 sockets!! /drool (Yeah... I'm never going to see those...)

Legwraps of the Shattered ValePennyroyal LeggingsLegwraps of the Haunted ForestMagnetized LeggingsKilt of Perpetual Genuflection
Intellect739 (+120)739 (+120)739 (+120)739 (+120)659
2nd stat446 Mastery603 Haste530 Haste376 Haste363 Mastery (+180)

I think that the best boots by far are Spirit Keeper Footguards (Leatherworking).  2 red sockets and a socket bonus of 120 mastery gives these the best intellect out of all the boots out there as well as being easy to obtain.
1782 Armor
+1002 Stamina
+508 Intellect
+385 Spirit
+332 Mastery (+120)

It seems like all the decent rings come from Siege of Orgrimmar.  Laser slice signet from Iron Juggernaut, Seal of Eternal Sorrow from Immerseus or Signet of the Dinomancers from Thok are all good. Signet is good if you're not keen for anymore spirit - the other two are good regen.

Laser-Slice Signet
Seal of Eternal Sorrow
Signet of the Dinomancers
Spirit285 (+60)313 (+60)0
2nd stat293 Haste246 Mastery275 Haste (+60)
310 Mastery

Mana regen is what I look for in trinkets, and without a doubt, I think Relic of Chi-Ji (Inscription) has to be one of the best trinkets out there for challenge modes as a healer.  The mana regen on it is excellent.  Horridon's Last Gasp (Horridon in ToT) is also a good one for mana regen, as well as Spirits of the Sun (Tsulong in ToeS).  Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity (Siegemaster Blackfuse in SoO) is an acceptable alternative as well.

Relic of Chi-JiHorridon's Last GaspSpirits of the SunDysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity
Proc usePassivePassivePassivePassive
ProcIncreases spirit by 2682 for 20 secsHealing spells have a chance to grant 956 mana every 2 secs for 10 secsEach time spell heals, chance to gain 5079 spirit for 20 secs
Heals have a chance to give you 10160 spirit for 10 secs. Every 0.5 secs reduced by 508 spirit.
Cooldown55 sec cooldown
20% chance
(0.96+haste) procs per minute115 sec cooldown
15% chance
(0.92+haste) procs per minute

The heirloom weapons all have 2 sockets and ToT weapons also can have a socket added to them via Eye of the Black Prince so whatever you fancy from those you can use.  I think that, Torall (Lei Shen in ToT) is the best choice because of the intellect and the red socket.  But I've listed a few options from HoF (Unsok's Amber Scalpel is from Amber Shaper), Throne of Thunder (Amun-Thoth is from Council of Elders, Athame is from Dark Animus) and Siege of Orgrimmar (Warmace is one of the heirlooms from Garrosh in SoO). 

One Hand weapons

Unsok's Amber ScalpelAthame of the Sanguine RitualAmun-Thoth, Sul's Spiritrending TalonsTorall, Rod of the Shattered ThroneHellscream's  Warmace
Intellect305305 (+60)305 (+60)385 (+60)225 (+120)
2nd Stat372 Haste (+60)217 Haste
217 Mastery
179 Mastery155 Haste210 Mastery

For offhand choices, you can see that Purehearted Cricket Cage (Fallen Protectors in SoO) and Orb of Arcing Lightning (Iron Qon in ToT) are exactly the same stats, but the red socket is better in Orb. Revelations of Y'Shaarj (Garrosh in SoO) is a good choice too if you don't need anymore spirit.

Purehearted Cricket Cage
Revelations of Y'Shaarj
Orb of Arcing Lightning
Intellect421 (+60)421 (+60)421 (+60)
2nd stat222 Haste286  Haste
299 Mastery
222 Haste

If you look at 2H weapons they actually have more intellect but 1 less spellpower and marginally more health so they are good ones to use.  There are only 2 that can have 2 sockets (both from ToT) - Suen-Wo, from Twin Consorts and Giorgio's from Ji-Kun.

2H weapons

Suen-Wo, Spire of the Fallen Sun
Giorgio's Caduceus of Pure Moods
Intellect819 (+60)819 (+60)
2nd stat627 Haste
462 Mastery
481 Haste

But you can actually do it with any gear.  As I said before, I think DPS makes the bigger difference to challenge modes than healing, and if you are happy to chug those Klaxxi Ambers all the time, then you don't even need much mana regen either.  But that can get expensive and I like to be cheap and use Golden Carp Consomme because I can cook it with all those leftover fish I had from my fishing days (and you can buy it as well from food vendors in Pandaria).  But having good gear does help make challenge modes easier, and I hope that this list is helpful to someone else other than me!