PvP - Decent Arenas last week

Our 3s have been pretty regular lately.  Both Virper and Memfus have been happy to play with us, with Memfus even enjoying 3s so much that he's willing to play past the 100 games (which initially he was just doing for the mount and then he was going to stop arena'ing) which is a pretty positive testament for us that being in 3s with us is fun.

I decided to try a heavier mastery build as I was way past haste cap. I really noticed the difference, as my heals seem to be bigger.
Playing with a DK has made me understand them more, as well as playing with a hunter.  I've found that DKs are actually squishier than I thought, and hunters tougher than I thought. When we play with Virper (hunter) I can pillar a lot more - with Memfus (DK) I am constantly out in the open trying to locate my teammate who has the big bullseye on his head.

Another thing I've been looking at is the mage/warlock/healer combos we come up against.  In contrast to how we played our Afflock/Frost mage/Resto druid, there are heaps of polys going out as well as lots of fears.  Crowd control has been the mainstay of those teams and it has been done very well in the ones we've faced.  I wonder how we're going to tackle that when Shab comes back in WoD.

There was one game which was particularly good - it was a rogue/warrior/resto shaman team.  Who to target?  The boys were thinking rogue, but I was hoping they would do the shaman and they ended up getting the shaman who went down like a wet noodle.  It was interesting that their MMR was high.  You just hope that with a double melee team they will come to us and draw out the healer, as opposed to those who are a bit better and play their melee close to the pillar for their healer.

We did have a team with a shadow priest and a windwalker monk (can't remember the healer - might have been a paladin) who absolutely smashed me the first time around, so when we got them again, I was going to play it a little safer.  And it was immensely satisfying to beat them after they walloped us so soundly.

But the best thing I've enjoyed with having a DK/lock is the dot spread.  I feel happy when I see the mana of the other healer going down. I like faerie swarming the other team's DPS so that the healer has to dispel them and they can eat the silence from Sev's dots and then do catch up heal spamming and go oom. I get scared when I see a double dot team opposing us - we had an afflock and unholy DK team and I think we beat them but I was a bit scared because I can't dispel diseases!  We also came across an unholy DK and a frost mage - which was good because then it would make polymorph a less attractive option for the mage, but they died.

But those rogue teams can sometimes be so painful.  A number of times they opened on my teammates and put the cloud down. My poor teammates were half health before I could get to them and I spent ages playing catchup after that.  Some of our worst games were against good rogues.

I'm now in full Prideful gear and just trying the PvP meta gem out to see if it's better or not.  If it's no good, I'll just go back to my old meta.  I wonder how we'll go in arena this week!  2 more weeks and we'll get our season Conquest achievement :D  And makes me glad that Luxy does her 3s at a different time of day to me - I think I would be scared to see Putress and it might put me off my game!


  1. Just to be 100% safe...

    "I'm now in full Prideful gear and just trying the PvP meta gem out to see if it's better or not. If it's no good, I'll just go back to my old meta."

    Your old meta is a non-legendary meta, right? I assume you know the legendary meta doesn't work in PvP but just double checking.

    P.S. I hate rogues. Did you ever see the "CoS out of that!" image?

    1. Haha, of course its one of the silence duration reducing metas I was wearing before. But thank you for your concern for any noobness you may think I have encountered.
      Priests+rogues are a good combination. No I don't know that image... link it to me next time I see you!

    2. Essentially a priest officer in a guild back in BC had a nasty arena game where Cloak of Shadows REALLY frustrated him because the rogue kept Cloaking his DoTs. After the game he picks a random rogue in his guild, says "Cloak of Shadows out of THIS, asshole" and gkicks him.

      More info here: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/14161-a-standard-day-in-the-life-of-an-officer/

      Sadly, the image appears to be broken.

  2. https://web.archive.org/web/20081108232812/http://home.comcast.net/~dougccrunner/CoS_is_cheating.GIF


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