Frostwolves finally has their Thundering Serpent Hatchling!

A number of us had done the Gold challenge modes with other friends not in the guild - Owl, Aza, Luxy, Lushnek, Vinyl (Muppeteer), Nova (Stormshot) - though Vinyl and Nova are really Concur Blackrock guys and have their golds on more than 5 characters back on Blackrock.  But we hadn't done it as a guild group, and one day Owl wanted to get Lushen his golds and so he took his DK, Snowcaller, with Aza's hunter Azagamma and myself to help.  We also took one person new to challenge modes - Crooked.  I love having an elemental shaman!

It's different doing it people you're not used to. I do most of mine with those Blackrock guys and I'm used to their strats.  LOL, the other day, I remember being a little bit indignant when Ctwin (the GM from Onineko-Blackrock that often runs with these guys, and also drops in to help our Garrosh Flex sometimes) was there when we were doing Shado-pan Monastery and when we got to Sha he was telling me not to dispel the debuff... I rolled my eyes and chewed him out because I had done at least 90 challenge modes, all of which I was healing so I did have SOME idea of what I was doing, especially since we were with the Blackrock guys that I normally run with anyway.  Probably me just being a bit prickly, and I did apologise after... sort of.

I helped Lushnek with his Challenge modes so he could get his transmog set - he is dreadful when it comes to transmog...  at least now he looks well dressed.

So our first night we did 6 challenge modes and it was a while before we got back to do the final 3 for a full clear.  Last night, after the ridiculous shenanigans with the server that caused massive turmoil over all servers during peak oceanic play time, we had time for a few challenge modes and everyone was on so off we went.

I had a drama.  My addons weren't working!  I didn't realise it till later, but somehow my WoW had defaulted to my EU WoW which only had Mogit as its addon.  I didn't figure that out at first so I went and healed Scholo with no addons.  That was bloody awful.  I died so many times because I was stressing over button mashing for heals whilst running with mouse and clicking on people.  And my lifebloom and harmony fell of ALL THE TIME, so I was feeling like the most ridiculously stupid healer on the planet.  I also forgot what I had bound for dispel so it took me 4 seconds to figure out my dispelling.  I don't know how we did it, but we managed to get a gold for Scholo despite my pathetic healing.  Next up was Brewery and I did not want to heal that without addons, so I finally figured out it was my EU WoW being defaulted so I copied my addons folder over and re-entered my healing spells for healbot and we were ready to go!

A few false starts (that first room can be a killer for healer agro) and the run went pretty well. I always hate that brew boss at the end if you don't stand right, but as long as the melee know where to stand, I'm good - I hate standing there because I get confused and I keep hitting people with my beer vomit debuff. And when Brewery hit gold, the guild hit gold!  Yay!  Finally everyone in Frostwolves can get their Thundering Serpent Hatchling!

Just a quick Jade Temple for Crooked to finish off his golds.  Then it was time to take some pretty pics!

That was fun! I love challenge modes, they're a great way to get valour points and full of fun things like achievements!  I think Owlwas thinking of selling runs, but I'm not sure what the market for that is like on Saurfang.  I look forward to helping another friend of mine out soon - hopefully we can all get on at the same time so I can do some more!


  1. Yay! Thanks for unlocking the Hatchling for us!

    1. Yay for Frostwolves! It wasn't just me, it was a huge team effort :)

  2. Oooh, look at all those pretty phoenixes!
    Grats on your new pet, too!

    1. Thanks Kam! They do look very pretty - I should gif it!

  3. Those are some pretty gorgeous mounts! The picture is perfect! :D Grats on your hatchling too!

    Incidentally, on the latter post--I know what not-wanting-to-drive-hubby's-super-fancy-car is like! ;)


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