Patch 7.1 is live and buggy!

It wouldn't be a patch day without bugs!

The first bug I noticed was the Withered Wrangling in Ambervale - the map would trigger around Meredil but you wouldn't have an action button to use. But you had to go all the way towards Falanaar to get it to trigger (ie the Ambervale area). So that was annoying.

Then Kyxyn noticed his legendary ring wasn't proccing with one of his abilities anymore.

But there are also cool things! The Karazhan attunement is at least running in concurrence with the weekly quest for a cache which is to do 4 mythic dungeons (and there are 4 mythic dungeons for the Kara attunement).

Also there were 3 emissary things up. Obviously a patch reset that and we had 3 to do, which was cool!

And then there is THIS:

I went cat form in Suramar city for my dailies and I noticed that when I have the disguise on it turns me into a mana sabre!! HOW AWESOME! It used to make me drop my disguise everytime I changed form, but this is just so cool!

Also, mana things like flowers and potions and books and shards are now blue on the map instead of yellow. Makes it easier to differentiate them from herbs, fishing pools etc. Neat!

That was just my dabble into 7.1. What did you guys get up to?


  1. The flight point map has changed and shows quest turn in's now - I now know where to hand in a couple of quests!

    1. I think with world quests showing up on the flight maps that quests showing up is really helpful too! These few little things that make life easier are rather cool :D


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