Raiding - Sigh, I TOLD you we weren't a mythic guild....

Blizzcon is almost upon us, and with so many raiding guildies attending, some in key roles, we were going to have to wind down raiding a bit until it's all over.

However, the last two raid nights we couldn't do mythic - not that I was overly upset, mind you, because that meant we could do mythic + instead.

I think the thing that disappointed me the most was that there were 4 people I said could move from normal to heroic raiding. You think they'd make more effort to show up! Only one of them was showing up consistently, whereas the others had not made any appearance to fill the numbers. Not that they are obliged to, after all, we are a casual guild and we're ok with that, but I better not hear any of them complaining to me about being left out of raid when they couldn't get on to help out when needed!

Monday was partly my fault. I fell alseep and woke up only a few minutes before raid (thanks for the wake up call Sev) and I didn't see an SMS from Sars to say he was going to be late to raid because he left his keys at work. We only had 19 for raid and it wasn't worth wasting an hour wiping if we weren't going anywhere - I'd rather save my flask!

So most of us did mythic plus after and that was more fun. And more AP. And smaller repair bills. Patch is next week so I don't expect much raiding on Wednesday because after a patch everything is buggy and we'll have a restart smack bang in the middle of raid, I'm sure!


  1. We cleared 7/7 heroic last night in under 2 hours and then went to go do mythic pluses as well.. because we didn't have 20 online.

    Needing 20 for mythic raiding is killing me, we're so far over heroics being a challenge but through a lack of interest to our recruitment ads and a lack of interest in pugging the missing spots.. we're not going anywhere forward fast.

    1. I do like mythic but getting the 20 is a drag! We are a guild that is relaxed and casual but we do like challenging content - but people do have real lives and can't make raids even if they are capable players. But we don't want to lose our identity in the mythic push, so I am happy to be as we are - but you can't help but miss the challenge of mythic, just a little bit!


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