Second thoughts on NOT doing my Prestige till 7.1 and other PvP things

I hit Prestige 1 this week and didn't tick it over because I didn't want to have no talents for arena. However, I am wondering about all the wasted honour this week!

It was made worse because Sev and Kyxyn both hit level 50 and then Prestiged. And so now both of them have no talents but didn't want to waste honour.

I think about how much honour I wasted and it was probably about 1.6 k per day for the last 5 days. And a bit more than that on Friday because we had arenas and things - I could have been at least level 10 by now.

Kyxyn finished Prestige 3 and he got the mount, which actually looks really cool! Now I really want one! It's such a show pony! It even twirls around on it's hind legs and tosses it's head.

In other PvP news I managed to finally mount that drake in the Bareback Brawl.

I did have an unfortunate silly encounter there the other day in Bareback Brawl. I am not a big fan of hitting other players because I'm not that good a player, but I WILL hit back if someone hits me. I don't get cranky about being hit (it is a FFA PvP zone after all, that's the risk you take when you are there) unless the people are dishonourable players who either wait for you to engage mobs and get low health and then gank you, or wait for you to almost kill a mob then kill you and take your kill. Yes, I know that all is fair in PvP but that sorta thing doesn't sit well with me!

Anyway, silly me saw an alliance paladin from Cinder's guild Ominous, so I backed away from them, wondering if they would leave me alone. My mistake! I should have at least had my back facing away from the cliff edge! The run back was a bloody pain the ass! But the cool thing was when I ran back and then went to finish my world quest the dragon was up! So totally worth being punted off the cliff :D

Overgrowth is a pretty cool talent, I must admit. It's the final honour talent in resto spec, and I do use it in arenas a lot. I should get around to writing that post about how my amateur PvP tips and talent selection choices, perhaps when I have more time!