I am a Pridelord!

I have been a bit clueless about my druid artifact hidden appearances, but I did find out that I had chosen the wrong Class Hall progression for my resto hidden appearance. However, I couldn't do much about that until after I had finished doing all my research (as if I will be wearing 2 legendaries anytime soon...) so now that I'm done I have spent my 2k resources on switching the research to the 2 plots of rich soil.

And the boomkin hidden appearance I need to be exalted with Dreamweavers, so not much I can do about that at the moment.

The Guardian hidden appearance drops off Ursoc, and Amayeti got that the other day. Which was kinda cool!

A week or more ago, I was walking through the Dreamgrove and I had a funny emote.

I didn't know what it was so I ignored it.  However, the next time I went out there the emote was there again. I went to google it and found out that it was part of the hidden appearance for the feral druid.

I went through the Feralas gate and went to look for this stone, which apparently you only have 5 minutes to find. Fortunately this one I found without too much hassle.

The next day I got another screech, this time from Duskwood!

I had a bit more difficulty that time finding the stone. I cheated and went to Wowhead and entered some of the coordinates that people had put there and found it.

It was after raid a week later that I got my final screech from the Hinterlands gateway.

I was stressing out big time, running around looking frantically for the stone. I was on Discord and Kyxyn had asked me to come do the PvP world quest and I said I couldn't because I was looking for my hidden appearance. Well. The lack of enthusiasm was laughable!

"Wait, a hidden appearance for a spec you never use?"
"We won't have to put up with you actually PLAYING that spec do we?"
"How could a hidden appearance be more important than helping your friends finish this PvP world quest faster!"

Despite the vast amusement that I was getting a FERAL appearance, I was getting freaked out I couldn't find the stone and was yelling to Aimei/HK to get on Wowhead and tell me some coordinates because I couldn't find this damn stone! Fortunately before he could find the correct page I found the stone and then I rushed back to the Emerald Dreamway and there was Ela'lothen the Moonspirit sitting there.

What was I supposed to do? Was it sit in front of the spirit?

Oh right, sit in cat form!

BOOM! Achievement!

So now I am a fluffy cat in feral form. I have to admit the PvP skin looks really cool, though do I really think I'll get 1000 honour kills in cat form? I doubt it! But I can try!


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