Raiding - Fifth - no Fourth! With Myth Nyth

Ok, that was a totally lame attempt at alliteration with my blog post title. But Myth Nyth has a nice ring to it.

We did have a little look at Nyth on Thursday which was a bit disorganised and chaotic and we said we'd look at it a little more closely and tune it a little bit.

The main difference as that 10 stacks of rot gets you mind controlled so trying not to get rot stacks was important, and then making sure you went into the melee group when you were MC'd so they could DPS you out of it was also important. I was a bit confused at first, because I had more than 10 stacks and wasn't mind controlled but you only get mind controlled after a breath.

What we ended up doing was splitting the room into two with 2 groups each side. Then with the rot, we'd have people placing their rots in a line towards the boss rather than at random patches at the edges of the room. The problem with the patches around the edge of the room on both sides was that when the rot got sucked back into the boss they would all come together like a wave and there was no way to dodge that as well as dodge the bugs.

So the rot lines were close to the tail (if the tail was 12 o'clock, the lines either side were from 11 and 1 o'clock), which I wasn't that happy with, but it seemed to work. The tanks also decided to get MC'd after every 2nd breath and that worked well.

On our fourth attempt, it was really messy but we managed to kill it with just 4 people up!

That was exciting! Those bloody monks got some great loot (haste mastery boots, which they said were terrible stats but they're great druid boots) but no legendaries that night!

We had a look at spider druid afterwards and we had so many issues with the tanks going splat after the first move! It's going to take some working out, but we did get better but we have ways to go yet.

Good work Frostwolves! Oh my goodness, since when did we become mythic raiders! I feel a bit silly because I kept telling everyone that we are a heroic guild and we only do mythic when we run out of stuff to do. And here we are!