Raiding - Ahead of the Curve.. REALLY?

I have to admit I was VERY surprised to kill Xavius on Monday night after only 11 attempts!

Having done it on normal it was much the same, just everything seemed to hit harder. That spooky trash at the beginning where you're standing in blank white space and then all these things start creeping towards you....

The fight is a little bit Cho'gall/Sha of Pride, where you have a corruption bar that you don't want to max out on or you'll get mind controlled. And there are heaps of ways to get corruption - hit by adds, being hit by abilities, dispelling debuffs...

But there is a dream phase where you can reach max corruption and all that happens is that you get kicked out of the dream - a bit like a get out of jail free card.

We were having issues with healers going crazy, especially the ones who started outside the dream. We figured out it was adds getting to us (and for me in particular, it was sharing meteors when I was already at high corruption).

From the healer point of view we have our own things to coordinate, so my understanding of the DPS roles in the fight are limited. The dreamers were supposed to dispel stuff off the tanks, which gives them and us corruption, and also soak adds and pools.

There was also a line of thorny things which was like the arrow you get when doing Phase 2 in Archimonde, and the tanks were having issues with that constantly rolling over them. We did have a bit of confusion about WHERE we were supposed to be running those things - we thought it was through the middle but not on top of the tanks.

To make it all clear we added rainbows.

W were supposed to run it between green and orange. Yellow was where tanks were going for dispels. Purple was where I was running to when I had an add on me. However once someone pulled their rainbow out to show the line of running everyone wanted to play with their rainbow so hopefully everyone understood what the hell they were supposed to do.

I was getting people to dispel 2 and then swap because we did have some accidents with running into stuff and getting more corruption. That seemed to work well. And the third person was always the one doing it when we got out of the dream and having to take a bit of corruption.

So for the kill attempt we had:
Tanks: Kyxyn, Aimei, Chikaku
Healers: Navi, Cosima, Nerd, Dil, Yeti, Ram
DPS: Sevrus, Crooked, Ultra, Duck, Splatz, Vorkrack, Naesca, Erve, Sars, Fox/KT, Gen, Lushen, Fielsa, Eurie

We couldn't believe it 7/7H already! So what now? Mythic? Geez, it seemed so unlike us!

But we will do another week of heroic, and when we've cleared it then we'll look at mythic. I'm not looking forward to whittling down to 20 when we have so much more with more than 20 and we'll have to institute some changes - hopefully it will go down well!  Good work Frostwolves!


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