Raiding - It makes me sad to kill Cenarius!

We had Spider boss and Cenarius planned for Thursday, and even though we managed to get Elerethe Renferal down in just over half an hour, it felt like more than an hour! But it was good to get that down and have a laugh because everyone seemed to be getting a cloak!

Then it was onto Cenarius. You know, it felt like one big mess and I felt like we were missing something. We were! Everyone was forgetting to stand under the bad tree, and people were being a bit careless with their thorns, running them into the raid instead of out of the raid. People were also cleansing their stacks too often so that others were stuck with high stacks pulsing damage out to everyone. But, once we got to 30% it was easy - just living to that part was the tough bit!

I did some extremely LAME healing. I will have to improve on that next time!

Amayeti got a Legendary! Look at poor Cenarius... I'm so sad! Our druid patron god.... how can this be!

So now we have all of Monday on Xavius. Exciting! Good work Frostwolves! Sorry you couldn't be there again, Aza....

Edit: Oops, I forgot, it's all a nightmare! So once you defeat Xavius, you see everyone again - Cenarius, Ursoc etc - as their normal selves, nightmare free. I guess everyone will see that in LFR too if they don't get to do normals.