Raiding - Slick Sunday and a Spider Stomping Monday

Sunday night raids feel like Boxing Day sales at David Jones/Myer - or maybe like trying to get a Blizzcon ticket. There are only 30 spots for raid, and there are at least 40 people who would like to raid. We have an autoinviting addon that invites people who whisper "inv" to us which is super useful. So at 745pm when officers make the announcement "Raid invites are now open - whisper "inv" to Navimie/Kyxyn for an invite" the whispers come in and the raid fills up almost in 90 seconds. I had to stop invites at 29 to keep a slot open for Kyxyn and there were a few disappointed people! Also, Daylight savings had kicked in for Australia so a number of people were a bit confused at the times and turned up 1 hour late for raid.

We managed to clear the whole lot by 1030pm which was good. Now that we were familiar with the fights it was smoother, even with a few people who hadn't done it before. Last week we didn't do the first boss as we had done it on Wednesday - this week we did the first boss. It was easy to out heal the mechanics even though we tried to get people to follow the mechanics as best they could.  We had a loot break at 930pm where people could trade up the loot they got as personal that they weren't going to use, and that was quite good. We did it again at the end of the raid and it was good to see a number of people getting some upgrades.

Monday we were getting ready for Spider-Bird boss (Elerethe Renferal, the druid). I said in a previous post that we had an issue with poo-flinging, and that was something we had to get on top of because it would wipe the raid.

Essentially the two tanks are tethered and they need to minimise damage to each other by staying within 20 yards of one another. The further away they are, the more damage they take. Damage is duplicated on each tank (not shared!) and so the tank health is super spiky and the healers have a rough time of it.

In spider forms she also casts poison on 2-3 raid members and they need to be placed in a certain spot away from the raid and also NOT covering the web bridges to the other platforms. She does two leaps into the air and does a huge buttslam when she lands that does a lot of damage that needs a healer cooldown. After that she casts tornadoes on people and those need to be placed AWAY from the poison pools or there will be poo-flinging, as the tornadoes pick up the poison and fling it everywhere.

After the first lot of tornadoes she does a pushback and that's where the poo flinging occurs! But if you don't put the poison in bad spots then there is no poo flinging and healing is easy!

Feathers appear after the pushback phase and 10 ppl are supposed to fly across to the other platform to hit her bird form. I was the designated healer btu there were heaps of times I didn't get the feather. I was wondering how to click on it when I realised that all you have to do was run through it. And wheeee, flying through the air!

Ultra was talking about stomping spiders. I had no idea how that was done, but HK told me that when you click on the feather action button you can choose a spot on the ground and you will go stomp! I did not know that! However I was too busy healing to worry about stomping things, but you're supposed to stomp spiders that Kyxyn is pulling to him, to keep them away from the boss.

After that more cyclones and poisons and same old same old, and then win. Apparently.

We had a lot of issue with placement at the start, and then we were getting phase 1 down right but struggling to get people across the web to the next platform. Ram told me to save more cooldowns for the other platform so I did and our kill attempt went heaps better!

So that was exciting! Loot going around, everyone is happy - except poor Aza was at work again so he missed out on yet another kill (he was away on Thursday also).

Had a quick look at Cenarius which doesn't look so bad, except we had some UI issues with some people (/cough Yeti can't dispel) so that made it a bit ugly. However, looking forward to see if we have any progress in next week's raid!