Attuning for Kosumoth the Hungering and the history of the hunt

In MMO Champion last month there was a post about Kosumoth the Hungering, a World boss that can drop a pet or a mount. There was an attunement to do with it and Wowhead had a very nice step by step guide on how to do it - though the pictures left much to be desired! So I decided to take my own pictures so I can remember that little chain myself.

I had fun trying to find the little hidey spots. So well hidden by bushes, leaves and cleverly placed crystals! I wasn't as good as finding them as HK though, but it was rather satisfying.

Here we are at each spot, trying to click the orb.

1 - Cave in Azsuna (38, 37)
2 - Stormheim (32, 75). There's a mob outside that does a ton of damage which can make it hard (pictured below with a monk Paralyse on it)

3 - Val'sharah (41, 80). There is a mana fiend here which does a lot of damage if you don't interrupt it's spellcast.
4 - Broken Shore (32,72) - underwater cave entrance. Watch those steam vents!
5 - Azsuna (59. 13) 
6 - Under the Shark on World Map (67, 14)
Don't worry, I don't bite!

7 - Highmountain (56, 38)

8 - Azsuna (53, 26). Took us ages to find this one under the leaf!

9 - Sunken Ship (49, 90). This one was a bit tough, so bring a water breathing potion if you're not feeling confident about finding the way in. You just have to find your way through a ship.
What the entrance looks like

We're done! Here we are looking at the orb on the table, but apparently this stuff on the table is the clue to the whole thing! There was something on Reddit about it and how they figured this all out.

Hey everyone, thought I'd let you know how Kosumoth came to be spawned because it was a pretty cool thing. It started as people searching for how to get the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph in the the wowhead comments here:
It was discovered that there are extremely hidden caves throughout Broken Shores with dark orbs in them. To give you an idea of how hidden these caves were one is in a broken ship in the middle of the ocean south of Eye of Azshara, through a crack, and then hidden behind kelp, basically three layers of secret you have to find. Another is a hidden cave that has another hidden cave near the entrance that actually has the orb.
It was then noticed that Drak'thul, the hermit orc on Broken Shores, has one of these orbs next to him. A commenter on Wowhead discovered that if you do an easter egg with Drak'thul (where you find a relic hidden in a cave nearby and give it to him and he speaks old god) it allows you to click on those hidden orbs, which are called Hungering Orbs.
Luckily next to Drak'thul is a table and on that table is a mix of pebbles and an orb which helped find them all. It was discovered this is actually a makeshift map of the Broken Isles and that the pebbles mark the different places where the orbs are found (with Drak'thul's orb as Suramar and Broken Shores as a fel candle). Here's a pic of the world map with these clues superimposed.
Through trial and error we discovered that the orbs had to be clicked in a very certain order. We collectively as a group went over them and eventually hitting the last one spawned Kosumoth. 
Credit to all the amazing work people put into this in the Wowhead comments.
Edit: This has blown up a bit so just wanted to make an edit to let everyone reading know that I was only a small part of the awesome group that found this mount, I just wrote it up first.
Extra special credit goes to:
iCoffeeMan for linking the hidden orbs together
Kellathon for discovering how to activate them
Blackfaded for organizing the final search
arandumdude for discovering the pebble map
and all the others on Wowhead who scoured the lands finding the caves. We're still actively searching for the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph if you want to join in on the fun.
Kudos to all those guys! I did wonder how someone figured out all this stuff, but it just goes to show that there are people out there who are super dedicated and persistant, and worked this all out so the rest of us could access it!

They even honoured each person to unlock it in each region!
Yes that would have been cool if I had seen it! I am sure everyone by now has 3 Hungering Claws - I wonder when the mount will be the world quest reward?