Suramar City - A place of tears, joy and entertainment

The Nightfallen quest line and dailies seemed to consume a great deal of my time every day as we worked towards opening up the mythic dungeons, quest lines and finally our class hall armour set.

But the city itself is more than just a quest zone full of fun and some not so fun WQ.

Who doesn't love doing Su'esh? Honestly that has got to be one of the most fun world quests in Suramar. Stomping on demons and eating them up is hilarious and you have to love the Jurassic Park references (the original quest is called Shalassic Park). Do you hear the guards screaming "Shoot her!" 

They also say "I'm fairly alarmed here..."

As well as John Hammond's continuous line of "Spared No Expense".

The World quest "Life Finds a way" which is a reference to Dr Ian Malcolm's line in the first movie.

And I had always thought the angle that you tried to ride Su'esh was a bit annoying, but if you mount her then /reload you get a nice central position!

Zanthula shared this (from Method Gaming) on Facebook, with the caption:
"When you're in Suramar City and your mask comes off..."

LOL! Of course if you're a pally tank you just go in and tank the whole lot of elites... but once you start doing all the reputation linked quests amongst elite mobs and there are mobs who can see through your disguise EVERYWHERE... thank goodness for all those canals and swim form...

An irritating thing that occurs a lot is that even if I manage to get to the elite quest mob I have to kill and don't agro anything, some idiot will come charging into the room kiting a zillion mobs to hit the quest NPC and of course, I will get agro from them and die.... GRRRR.

And who hasn't done this when you're doing the Party Crasher world quest? That teleporter right behind Eo'vyn? Who hasn't run right across it all the time trying to get to her? I actually find that rather funny!

The Sharing the Wealth world quest is horrible in peak hour - my guildies often say in guild chat if it's quiet there so everyone can rush there to pick up the barrels for the WQ and get it done quickly before the crowds come. However, I find that area a fun alternative place to the Vineyard to collect mana, though hunting through all the stalls for the mana infused gems and twice-fortified arcwine is a challenge!

Secret correspondence has a great spot under the stairs where couriers are always running. It's on the border of the zone at 48, 65 and they spawn so fast that the next courier is there just as your knife cooldown comes up. I always enjoy that quest since it's so fast and easy.

Meeting their Quota, which is the wine making daily, is also quite an easy and fast quest that I like doing. Though it can get very crowded there when everyone is there jumping in the vat and hovering about the ingredients, making it very hard to click!

It's nice now being exalted so I don't feel like I have to do every world quest in there. But it's still fun to hang out in Suramar city - and I still have to go find my Devilsaur lunchbox!


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