Happy to have the Fishing Artifact, but boy is it buggy!

I wasn't slow at getting my fishing maxxed , but I WAS slow getting my fishing artifact! I finally got my last rare fish this week and then I was able to get my Fishing Artifact! A big thanks to Sars for giving me that grubby Toenail so I could catch my last rare fish.

After that I had to fish up a Luminous Pearl. This is the first buggy thing with the fishing artifact. Even after I've handed the Pearl in I can STILL fish it up as a quest item. Apparently that's a known thing.

So I take my pearl to Dalaran where Khadgar pats me on the head. "Good job," he says. Tacky told me how condescending it sounded and he was right!

It does look pretty cool! And it's buggy here too! You have to come back to Dalaran to put artifact power into the rod, Underlight Angler. When you click on your weapon, it tells me to go back to my class hall to put the points in, but that's not correct. I had to Wowhead to figure out what I was supposed to do.

Marcia then tells me I have to go do a mini-scenario, kill a few murlocs and then fish up and kill this underlight beast, Mglrrp, that Nat Pagle thinks will make a GREAT fishing rod.

And here is another buggy part. Sometimes I go back to Dalaran to put artifact power into my fishing rod and I can't do it unless I equip my rod and reload UI. Even if I equip my fishing rod, it will not let me put any points into it.

However, I've been having fun in spare moments fishing for rare fish to level my fishing artifact. The best lures are those where you fish from pools - the Ancient Vrykul Ring and the Rusty Queenfish Brooch - as you can get tons of rare fish from pools!

So here are the artifact traits - doesn't seem too horrible to unlock but it's only something for me to do in my spare time. The fish a pool instantly ability is amusing - you fish and suddenly it explode and there is  a little barrel there with all the stuff from the pool inside it. Someone did that to me once and I had no idea what happened, but it's pretty annoying if someone does it to you haha!

I have found that I catch lures outside pools more often than inside pools. My guildies have told me the opposite but I spend so much time running around looking for pools that I waste my arcane lure buffs so it's easier to just stand and fish. Suramar is probably the easiest place to find pools reliably, I think, and doubly so because the Koi is an ingredient of my haste food.

How's your fishing going, and have you got any tips?


  1. I was just looking into starting this last night. I had sort of expected an NPC to put me on the path to pursuing it, but it's kind of neat that you have to take the initiative yourself to figure things out. Did you find it difficult to get to the island where you can buy Arcane Lures?

    1. There are a few ways to get over to the island - if you have a goblin glider, you can jump off near the pet area to get there; with the Skyhorn kite (from Highmountain); or you can even fish up an Emblem of Margos from Underbelly which will teleport you to the island directly. It is a fun thing to do, and it's easy to pass the time. You should do it Phae! I will be interested to see how you do the fishing with voice stuff.

  2. Grats!

    I'd like to get the Artifact Fishing Pole someday, because I think it's such an awesome idea. The reports about its bugginess, though, are deterring me from pursuing it very diligently right now. Hopefully it'll get hotfixed, and then maybe I'll start chasing after those rare fish.

    What did you end up having to do to actually be able to put AP into the Fishing Pole?

    1. You have to equip the rod, then /reload. That will fix it. It's annoying though!


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