Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 1 of an AFK WoW addict

1630, 30 Mar (Sydney Local time): I think my plane is delayed. And this airport wi-fi is a bit buggy. OK so I did do some checking of my achievements and things, but not much. 

2145, 30 Mar (Singapore Local time): I wondered how I would fare with no internet, and after stepping of at Singapore for refuelling, I can say that I did ok. Fortunately I had my book to read. And though the airport there says free internet, I can’t seem to get onto any of the networks. Not that I was going to log onto WoW of course… no realy, I wasn’t. Really. I am sleepy though. Trying to stay awake so I can switch my body clock over to UK time. I guess if I stay up for another 6 hours, I’ll be able to switch it over to UK time. I had a window seat. The gentleman sitting next to me had a body odour scale of 8 (0 is pleasant, 5 is no smell, 10 is highly malodorous) but at least he was a very polite and helpful, helping me with my trays or letting me know if there were drinks and food coming because I had my headset on. I did put Twilight So what would I have done had I been able to get online now. I would be looking to see what the next world event is bringing. I’m wondering if I’m missing out on any dailies because I’m not doing them. I don’t even know when it starts! 

0530, 31 Mar (London Local time): There’s one thing I have to say about long plane trips. I managed to catch up on all those OTHER things that I don’t do normally. Like read. I should have brought Storm of Swords in my luggage to read on the way home, because I finished reading Clash of Kings on that longass plane trip! And also watched The Descendants, which I probably wouldn’t have watched normally, and I wanted to see why George Clooney won an academy award for his appearance. And also managed to watch Happy Feet 2 (which I think started off very average, but got more enjoyable towards the end – someone needs to explain why Mumble is still in his adolescent plumage from the previous movie and also has a kid of his own!) There was some sidekick silliness in the form of 2 Krill named Bill and Will. Some of their jokes made me laugh (“One in a Krillion!”) Can’t believe it’s been 24 hours since I got on the plane. And Heathrow has no free wi-fi. Oh well, no posting of anything till I get back to my sister’s house I suppose. I did wear my Druid hoodie to keep warm in this chilly London spring weather, but I don’t know what the nerd factor is like here in the UK. Probably not as nerdy as in Australia.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday raiding - Less drama, more killing

Ok, so we knuckled down and people settled down last night and no more yelling abuse.  It was much more pleasant.  Round 1 of Hagara showed how dumb I can be when I did a dispel RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the raid.  OMG.  But I admit I was distracted, my daughter was sitting on my lap.  We got Hagara down a few attempts after that, and there was more Protector Tier, much to my disgust.

We then had a look at Warmaster Heroic, which was interesting and challenging and will need some decent work before we can get that sorted.  We did well our first attempt but each subsequent attempt after that was downhill from there.

Spine went smoothly with Aza subbing his Paladin in for his warlock.  Then come Madness Voe came on his Hunter and we tried to start from Alystrasza's platform, which was interesting because there were no fast bolts and those fiery tentacle blister things seemed to be always out on the tentacles/arms of Deathwing.  We had a number of wipes.  Healing was a little more intense than I thought it would be and Aza did his best to keep up.  But we got it.

Yay!  Another achievment down!  Hopefully the following weeks they can do all the other platforms for all the others who need that achievement.

So this is my last raid post for at least a week!  Gosh, how will I cope with no raid blogging! :)

Thoughts from one of the Master Anglers of Azeroth - A Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

I noticed a few fishing posts in my blogroll and didn't realise that Martha had put up this week's Blog Azeroth shared topic, about my favourite profession in game!
Fishing is an odd sort of minigame in WoW and people I’ve talked to either love it or hate it. So what’s your take on the most grindy of sports?
If you love it: Why? Where’s your favorite spot to go drop a line and veg while waiting for a strike?
If not: Why not? What would make it more fun? Or is there a way to make fishing fun?  And lastly, for those of you with hard-won turtles and rats and lobsters ‘o doom—show ‘em off! :D (Because I’m proud of my stupid rat and darned if I’m not going to sneak my own screenshot in.)
I am in the "I love fishing" boat - pun intended!  I have been an avid fisher in game for a long time - it's one of those things that I find really relaxing and good for passing the time while I'm concurrently doing other things.  I actually enjoy fishing IRL too (but only to eat what I fish - not really much of a sports fisher where I catch big game fish and throw them back), so maybe that's why I like it.  You can tell how much I love fishing because Salty is my title, and has been for a really long time.  I think it's been my title of choice for the last 3 years.

One of the biggest fishing achievements I was proud of would have to be winning the Fishing Tournament in Stranglethorn Vale.  I remember when I won it, I was so excited!  I have forgotten exactly when I won it, but I am pretty sure it was in Vanilla because I don't recall thinking there were "lowbies" about.  The Arcanite Fishing rod was very ordinary looking back then, but had an upgrade to its look in the last year or two and now looks a lot more epic (well, for a blue item!).

Fishing up pets and mounts was NOT my strong point.  It was only recently that I managed to get my turtle mount, and I moaned about the fact that I fished more than most people before I got it.  I had a post on it here - it took me 12293 fish caught from pools before I got mine.  Of course, some of those were fish caught before there was a turtle to catch, so that number may have some fish that were caught before the achievement came out.

And who could forget Old Ironjaw?  For anyone who thought fishing was boring and safe, fishing in our enemy city of Ironforge is surely one of those times you DON'T want to AFK while fishing.  I would spend many hours nervously watching the Alliance passing by, hoping they didn't see me at the far end of the pool trying to get that stupid fish.  And I do remember the time I caught it, it was raid time, and I was being summoned, and I thought I'll just get one more cast in and BAM!  Fish!  Achievement!  Woot!  Take that summon before those Alliance who are standing over there looking at you come and gank you!  Wheeee, Advance to Go, collect $200.

And Sea Pony.  I remember everyone getting the Sea Pony, and telling me where to fish.  Another one of those bloody piece of crap drops that I was bad at getting.  I got it after about 1000 casts, I think.  Boy what a relief.

So I should show off my Magical Crawdad and Sewer rat?  I admit that Mr Pinchy was not that difficult because I did spend a lot of time fishing in Skettis for those crawfish anyway for buff food for raids for my husband, and the Magical Crawdad was a nice surprise!  But I wasn't actively trying to get him, merely hoping I would get lucky.  And I have caught that box a few times too...  The Sewer rat was a different story.  I spent many hours fishing - surprisingly I didn't blog about it.  Lushnek was fishing on his hunter (Huntinhk) with me just to keep me company and he caught the rat... it took me many long hours of fishing after that to get the rat, but that was typical of my kind of luck!

Oh and my favourite fishing spot... well, it's not my FAVOURITE, but I do have sites that I frequent often.  You will often find me fishing in Deepholm at Deathwing's Fall, fishing for Lavascale Catfish.  Of course, it's for fish for fish feasts in raids.  My other favourite place to fish is Twilight Highlands, and as I have said before, now that they got rid of all those useless Algaefin pools and replaced them all with Deepsea Sagefish pools, I can now get Highland Guppies for feasts and Sagefish for myself.  The last place you can find me fishing is off the coastline of Uldum - of course, looking for Fathom Eel pools.  It's peaceful, no mobs are going to agro on me while I afk, and of course, there is lovely scenery to be had.

And Lushnek made me a tacklebox while he was levelling engineering in Cataclysm, I was thrilled.  Now I have a place to store all my fish!  And not only that, I can store all my fishing related things, such as my boots, extra lines, sentimental fish like Steelscale Crushfish and Old Ironjaw.  It looks really empty at the moment but when I go on my big fishing trips (LOL that sounds funny!) I have a bag FULL of everything you need for Seafood Magnifique as well as Sagefish.  Sometimes I fish for tank food as well, because they're easy to fish.  And the other thing you can store in there is Volatile Water.  Volatile Fire, interestingly can't be stored there even though you can fish that up from pools in Mount Hyjal lava.  I wonder why that is...

Pets, pets, pets!  All those gorgeous pets you can get from Fishing, they should have more I think.  I would love to fish up some kind of water sprite pet.  You know, like a sprite dartling but a water one, you know?

I haven't thought much about what I would like to change from fishing.  I would like more NPC references.  There is one reference to Deadliest Catch in Theramore (so you better go check it out before he disappears!) but I noticed Erinys would like one named after Jeremy Wade in River Monsters.  More Deadliest catch references would be good though.

I would like to see more clothing enhancements.  Fishing overalls would be good.  I've got a hat, boots and there are enchants to gloves.  Erinys mentioned a boat, which would be a great idea!

So there you go, me and my fishing.  I love it.  Can't wait to level my fishing again (yes I love fishing.  I even levelled my hubby's fishing and tried to level Lushnek's fishing too!) and see what new yummy fish I can catch and cook in Mists of Pandaria.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday raiding - Hagara you Biatch

I shouldn't really blame Hagara.  It was not a good start to the raid evening.

Hagara the Stormbinder yells: Not one of you will live to see the final cataclysm! Finish them!
I fell asleep again putting Julian to bed.  Luckily I had my phone next to me on vibrate and Lushnek called me to wake me up.  So I snuck out of the room and off I went downstairs to raid.

Logged in a few minutes late.  Beauti was there, Voe wasn't there.  Weird.  I was the 11th person.  So Beauti left and Hwired said we were ready to go.  "Umm, what about Voe?"

Oh yeah, Voe.  Now we're one DPS over.  We have 2 rogues, a warrior, a warlock, mage, boomkin and hunter.  One DPS has to go.  Shabadu said he would sit out, Hwired felt bad, but Shab was pretty cool, he was happy to (and go PVP/play Starcraft) so it was ok.  Voe said Augment should sit out because he's shit.  I told him to stop saying that.  Augment wasn't even fussed anyway, he seemed cool with it, and said that he's just fix the problem with a /ignore if he needed.

We asked Augment how his Karate tournament went and he said he wasn't in it, his mum was.  That was cool!  I said that was funny, because I had imagined Augment to be a typical teenager with a mum who nags him about playing World of warcraft - instead he has an ass-kicking mum.  That's pretty cool.  And Voe said "That's not a very feminist thing to say Navi, why can't Augment have a mum who does Karate?"  Oh dear, dug myself into that one!  Point noted: next time keep that thought to myself.

Roshii was not happy to sit out again for even one boss, because that boss had the chance to drop a trinket he really wanted, and Augment had to get his legendary stuff, so they couldnt' sit out.  Falln had to tank so he couldnt' sit out.  It was ok really, and thanks Shab for making it easy and without making me fight about it!

Gutsy was tired.  He had been working hard, and he didn't talk much on vent.  I sure sign that he's tired.  And you will see what I mean later.

So there's an extra 5% nerf today.  So we started on Morchok.  Oops we wiped.  Roshii was not happy.  Hey stuff happens, Falln doesn't tank... but it wasn't that, it was the crystals.  I also was having issues with my healbot.  I was on my fancy new computer and I hadn't set up my healbot properly.  Nourish was going off instead of regrowth.  And why wasn't my swiftmend working??  Neither of my two side buttons was working so I was doing keyboard wild growths and swiftmends.  Which made my running a bit awkward.  Anyway, game was picked up by 2nd attempt and Morchok and Porkchop were dead.  Warrior and tank crap. Perfect....

Yor'sahj went down easily.  DPS a bit lazy on bubble popping, and I think I ended up missing out on the mana void because I think Voe had mana but I didn't.  I potted and just did some sparing heals just to top people up.  I got my way and there were split ranged and melee in the groups, and I stuck to my own group.  It was fine.  Lushnek was cranky because there were 5 non mana users and none of them popped the void.

Zon'ozz went down in one shot.  I thought it went well.  Oh and Conquerer heroic tier dropped from both.  That's totally rooted ;)  So unfair!  More Vanquisher please!
Hagara the Stormbinder yells: You cross the Stormbinder! I'll slaughter you all.
Hagara was our struggle.  The first attempt was good.  We were really close.  Then we started having issues.  We wiped pretty early the next attempt, and I died first to an ice lance - I had stepped left a little instead of running forward to make Aza get the ice lance.  On subequent attempts, Souglyy was dying.  She was paired with Gutsy for one of the ice lances, Lushnek was with Voe, and I was with Aza.  They were having issues with how many stacks they were getting or something.  Voe went to save Soug and then Lush got cranky with Gutsy for not taking his stacks and Gutsy was arguing that he had stacks too, and Voe was saying that Gutsy was the reason we were failing and Guts cracked a nut and told us all to F*&^ off and logged off vent.  But he came back pretty quick.  Voe was busy explaining the ice lance thing over and over and it was getting tiresome, and Aza and Roshii got a bit tired of hearing it being harped on about.  It was getting tense.  I asked Guts what was wrong because he's not usually that cranky and he said he was tired and that he was sick of people telling him to do different things.  Well, I had been up since 2.30am and I worked all day so I didn't have much sympathy but hey, he's tired.  I can't help it if I get my second wind from raiding.
Hagara the Stormbinder yells: See what becomes of those who stand before me!
We had a few attempts with bad dispels.  I know I was responsible for a couple, but not that many.  I tried only to dispel people who are in the bubble or who asked for it but hey maybe I was a bit quick on the dispels, who knows.  Anyway, had to listen to a lot of "Those dispels sucked" and "Dispels were really bad!" which I already know, so I was going to fix that up.  But most of the time the ice wasn't too bad.  But the last attempt, if we lived through that ice phase we would have killed it.  Gosh the rage!  I understand now a bit better why Bladewind said there was a lot of pressure in Hwired's group.  If healers made mistakes in my old group, healers pointed it out and we fixed it.  Fue would say "What happened there?" and we'd say "Oh, we forgot Guardian spirit/was late on Tranq/didn't dispel fast enough/didn't run in" and we'd get back on it, and we'd discuss it.  And if Gutsy was raiding like a noob, we'd just tell him to try something else.  Last night, healers were called out by DPS and by the raid leader.  Gosh, I never sit there and tell the DPS how bad they are when they don't do something right, or don't DPS hard enough.  I got cranky with them and said "You guys can dispel yourselves, I'm only dispelling Falln and Lushnek."  (Though admittedly Lush was being a cranky bitch as well)  And then laughed at my final attempt death because I was running in the ice trying to get dispelled and got punted by ice blocks falling which looked really funny to me, and I dispelled my debuff when I was trying to run in an icepatch (OMG how stupid can I be) and I couldn't really do anything but laugh about it because nobody else was going to laugh at me!  I looked like such a terrible player!
Hagara the Stormbinder yells: Swagger all you like; you pups don't stand a chance. Flee now, while you can.
I can understand why the better players like Roshii and Aza get grumpy.  They try their best and don't make mistakes and it looks like the rest of us aren't trying as hard as them, so they get frustrated.  But geez, never bite the hands that feed you - healers and tanks are not easy finds, so you should never piss them off!

At the end of the raid most of the group left raid immediately and logged off.  Ooof!  Grouchy!  So it was a rather tense night, and luckily Ancient got on and I could chat to her for a while and by the time I'd cooled off and I had let Aza and Roshii cool off, I joined Soug and Hwired and Roshii for some BGs.  That always makes me feel better.  It seemed to be SotA night and we won one and lost one.  Souglyy and Hwired even got an achievement too - Artillery Expert.  Woot!

Let's hope tonight is a better night.  Maybe I should be putting Delicious Chocolate Cakes out instead of Seafood Magnifique.  Make everyone that little bit happier (and maybe a bit more tolerant of us noobs).
Hagara the Stormbinder yells: Don't preen just yet, little pups. We'll cleanse this world of your kind.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Transmog contests are taking over Azeroth!

Transmog contests are the in thing at the moment!  Mataoka of Wow Sugar had her Leather and Lace and Next Top Plate model contests, and there was Mog Madness by JDK, Effy and Ancient.  But in between, which was a HUGE competition was the WoW Factor, done by Disenchanting Azeroth.

Ancient went along to one and she wrote all about it, and I wanted to go see one too.  Last weekend it was on Alliance side, Lightbringer, and I totally forgot about it!  I really want to go see the next one because it sounds like an absolute blast.  Ironyca and Noelani really know their gear (they were guest judges, but now they are full time into it!), and "the Mogfather" Keelhaul (from Disenchanting Azeroth) make an awesome team!  And they give prize gold and even mounts (Lightbringer winners had mounts sponsored by IcyVeins)

The three that Wowroleplay gear wrote about so far had some amazing mogs.  I keep losing them in my feed so I decided to make a post about it so I can come back and look at them any time I want.

The first one they were at was on Tichondrius, and this one had Horde and Alliance competitors.  I really liked the Alliance Winner, Boptarts' transmog.

I was hunting and hunting for that beautiful peacock coloured druid and I found it on Ironyca's pre Tichondrius scouting post.  Now doesn't he look magnificent!  I want to copy that!

Then they were onto Arthas, a PVP realm which was interesting because there was mass slaughter happening!  Ancient commented about the action here.  Look at all this bling with matching pet!

And the most recent was on Lightbringer.  So much mog there to see!  I was really excited to see this one (Envy was one of the winners): Souglyy is wearing Steadfast set too!

This is Vrexia, who was one of the 2 top prize winners, walking away with 16k gold and a mount!  There was an awesome pic of her on top of a matching azure drake (I think).  How awesome is that!  Hmm, do you think I have a bit of a draenei female fetish?

This was a great blue cloth set to be seen in.  Very swish!

So I hope I can make it to the next one!  Would be exciting to see the whole event live!  I suppose I could always relive it by watching the livestream.

Pretending to be in Mog Madness - Marrowstrike on a druid

Here we go!  My round 2 pretend submission for Mog Madness

The classes are limited to either a Hunter or a Druid and your outfit must be based on using either  Marrowstrike or Glaive of the Pit (same skin).

OMG a big hefty POLEARM!  Gosh, it looks so damaging and nasty, it had kind of that executioner feel to me, so I decided to dress Navi up in some of the current game choices because I liked the executioner look of the valor point helm.  The chest doesn't look so nice to me but I do like the stitching on the arms, so I put a tabard on top to cover it up.  I think that the Ramkahen tabard goes very nicely in terms of colour.

Helm: Nocturnal Gaze
Shoulder: Underdweller's Spaulders
Cloak: Devilshark Cape
Chest: Shadowbinder Chestguard
Tabard: Tabard of Ramkahen
Gloves: Lightfinger Handwraps
Belt: Belt of Hidden Keys
Legs: Bladeshadow Leggings
Feet: Cataclysmic Gladiator's Footguards of Alacrity

Hmm, now that I look at it it's not quite what I had in mind - something a bit more druidy would have looked nicer I think!  But I am not sure the mean polearm goes well with a feralheart set even though the colours are a reasonable match.  But I'm no mog expert, I'll have to wait and see what all the other contestants come up with!

Mini post: Holidays for Navi!

Gosh, I'll be going away this Friday, so that means I will have nothing to post for a while in regards to WoW.  Or will I?

I'm heading off to London to visit my sister so that's going to be exciting for me!  Eating at fancy places, going sightseeing, bumming around doing sister stuff - it will be great!

I thought about what I'd write if I was able to write, and I guess we'll see how that goes :)  It will be along the lines of My week of no WoW, and what goes through my head.  I'll see how it pans out.  It could be horribly boring, in which case I'd abandon the project, or it could be a nice outlet for me to keep blogging!  We'll see :)

I still don't think I'm a feminist

I was looking at some of the traffic through my blog and I came across this one at Tami Baribeau - FYI, you're a feminist.

I do love a good discussion, but it's hard for me to agree with Tami.  She said:
It’s great that you feel as if you can just ignore the sexism that goes on around you and just live your own life, I give you kudos for having such high quality blinders on.
I am not sure she understood what I was trying to say because I wanted to demonstrate that from MY perspective, in MY life, in MY profession, sexism is not really an issue.  I am not denying that it goes on in other places, but that is why I said in my post - am I blind to Sexism?  Because if you look at my life, my workplace, my profession, you find that there are equal opportunities for both men and women.  Women work and earn the same as men - or rather, have the potential to earn the same as a man.  Dollars per hour, I earn as much as my male colleagues.  I hold a position of responsibility.  I don't earn as much as some of them because I don't want to work 5-6 days a week.  I like my laid back lifestyle with 3 day weekends and most Friday afternoons off.

Tami said:
I’ve worked my way up to Studio Director, and it wasn’t easy. I  had people telling me that I slept with someone to get my position.  I’ve had people call me a bitch for being assertive and forward at work, traits that are stereotypically male.  I’ve had people act as if it was weird that their manager is a woman.  I’ve had my arguments dismissed because I’m not a hardcore enough gamer because I’m woman.
And it's unfortunate that she has had to experience that, but I wanted to point out that it's not ALWAYS like that.  I don't want young girls out there thinking that EVERYWHERE is a fight because you're female and you will always be treated this way.  I believe that your own abilities will shine through, and you don't have to go around being all "Ha!  I'm a woman and I made it here so there!" because whether you're a man or woman doesn't matter.  Your own abilities speak for themselves.  Tami, I am sure, is not only very talented, she is assertive and strong minded as well.  Perhaps the reason I have no problems is because I'm not an ATTRACTIVE female.  Now I will wholeheartedly agree that if you are attractive and get places, and probably more because you're female, you will get discriminated against more.  You will get those horrible "Who did you sleep with?" comments because people don't see BEYOND what is outside, and look to what is within.  And the worst part is there are those who do use their looks to get places, which only perpetuates that perception even more.

Effraeti, was also mentioned in Tami's post.  I feel like Effraeti and I have a lot in common.  We both have a lot of male friends - my male friends outnumber my female friends.  And why?  Because we have the same interests!  I am not a typical female who likes hanging out in mother's groups and talking about baby clothes stores like the other mothers my age.  My daughter adopts my interests - she can make a Vulcan greeting sign and say "Live long and prosper, mummy", she knows "Peter Parker is inside Spiderman," and why?  Because I love those things.  They're not boy things, they're the things I like, I'm interested in.  I teach my daughter that she can do anything, but that women and men are still different - anatomically.  I never say "You can be as good as a boy" to her because there is no need to say that, you can be as good as anyone regardless of sex, and she will hopefully grow up understanding my standpoint that there is no difference being male or female in terms of achievement

I'm not denying I'm female - I still like to go out to a party dressed up nicely to look feminine, but my agenda isn't to push femininity as the way to be and be angry at those who deny us being female.  I respect everyone's choices, but I don't like people telling me that I am something when I am not.  I am equalist.  If I push for men's rights, for example, those men who live under the rule of Amazons of old, does that make me feminist?  According to Tami's definition, it does - as she says being a feminist is about fighting oppression against all unfair things.  I agree with fighting oppression when faced with it and I applaud her standing up to it all.  I look at Oestrus and think the same thing - she's really strong minded and wants what's right by everyone, but she respects my decision, which is what I do to everyone as well.  I just don't like that label feminist because the word Femme in it still means woman, and I want things to be equal.  Doesn't mean I don't like feminists.  I am just not one, that's all.

And I hope that nobody is offended by my post, and if they are, I'm sorry.  I merely wanted to defend my standpoint, and correct any misunderstandings.

Edit:  Effy posted something too!  Gamer girl responds.

Pretending to be in Mog Madness - Tauren Priest

Silly me didn't quite understand the rules of the Mog Madness competition my dear friends JDKenada, Effraeti and Ancient did, but it was so exciting and cool, I thought I'd play pretend I'm in the competition and pick something that I would transmog if I was wearing cloth.

Mog Requirement: The first round of Mog Madness merely requires a cloth outfit.  That means Mages, Warlocks, and Priests are all open season for your submissions

There's only one option for Navi, and that's priest.  And since I have this cool cloth helm in my bank that I wanted to use for dressing up like Assasin's Creed, I thought I'd try and use it for my cloth transmog.  And I've always loved that priest-on-a-stick staff!

Helm: Cowl of  Benevolence
Shoulder: Amice of Brilliant Light
Chest: Vicious Embersilk Robe
Shirt: Sleeveless T-shirt
Gloves: Sterile Flesh-Handling Gloves
Belt: Belt of the Falling rain
Weapon: Staff of Immaculate Recovery

All I can say is thank god for Mogit.  Such an awesome addon!

So the next round you have to be "wild"!  But this time:
The classes are limited to either a Hunter or a Druid and your outfit must be based on using either  Marrowstrike or Glaive of the Pit (same skin).

Stay tuned to see what I would pretend I put into the competition!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday Raiding - Firelands

I was late logging on.  Kids.  I'm telling you, the faster daylight savings ends, the better.  Makes my raid life that much harder trying to get them into bed before raid time.

It was Firelands night tonight, and Lushnek was getting edgy - only one more week to go until he gets his Legendary!  So next week, he will be getting it and he will be one happy Chicken.

I replaced Hwired's priest Narishma.  And Tout was there on his warrior, with some mostly 378 gear, some 397 and one 365, so he was more than Firelands ready.  Beth'tilac is already down, so off we go to do Rhyolith.  Had a few wipes there trying to get the Not An Ambiturner achievement, but we gave up after a while and did it the normal way.

Then on to Alysrazor, which we decided to try heroic.  Pet racing first!  Peanut won the pet race, and a white bear was the slowest.  OK, on to the fight!  Belinia didn't quite make it clear to Tout what to do.  I think it was "Tank the bird and eat the worms."  I think Tout missed the worms part, and he died really quick and was quite hard to heal - not unexpected when the bird is tantrumming.  Once we told him to do that, it was a bit better, but though Tout backed into the bird, he kept walking through the flames of the worm which does a lot of damage.  And a few brushfires.  And I got line of sight behind the egg.  Lushnek was healing by that stage and I told him to help with Tout.  And then when Tout did live, he couldn't get behind the meteor in time to hide from the flame thing Alysrazor did.  So he died a lot there too.  Well, I didn't expect him to be able to learn the fight in one night, but I wasn't expecting to waste that much time on it.  We had a few wipes and on our last attempt on heroic, all the ground people died with like 15 million health left, leaving Sev and Az flying around in the air.  And I had released, so I couldn't see what was happening.  But the fight went on... and on... and then suddenly Tout got the Heroic: Alysrazor achievement!  OMG, those 2 locks flying are totally OP.  They lived by flying just out of the area for the when she did her flame thing where you're supposed to hide behind the meteor.  Lushnek said "Why don't we do that all the time?"  and Roshii said "That's what I was saying back then...."  That was an EPIC kill, I wish I hadn't released... :(

Then on to Baleroc which we did as normal, and Shannox which was done as normal too.  Then onto Majordomo.  Aza said "We're not trying the achievement are we..." You could hear the reluctance in his voice!  But Souglyy didn't have the achievement so we decided to try it for her.  So Az ran up, I ran up, Roshii and Barkhoof I think were up.  Lushnek said "I'm not going this time, my latency is 600ms" because we know who stuffed it up last time he was lagging!  Souglyy said "I'm going to stand right here, I'm not moving!"  And I sat down in position to wait.  And suddenly, the orbs were gone.  Who did it?

Oops.  Nobody told Tout what we were doing and he had run in.  "Nobody told me what we were doing..." he said.  I just laughed.  That's what happened to poor Ksret the other time too.  One more week to try it!  The ongoing saga of Only the Penitent... :P

We did try to do Majordomo on heroic... but we couldn't do it.  The first time we did well, but we weren't clear on the running in part, and so the call was made a bit late, and so the pounce was done right in the middle and we were all standing in it in our little cyclones.  You don't take damage then but you need to get the hell out really quick.  It was getting late, and we had one more attempt on heroic.  As we started, Aza said "You're NOT standing close enough!!!" and I didn't see who he meant, but as we ran out on 9 stacks, the orbs appeared.  That was chaotic.  Figured out later that it was Tout standing out of the group, because he wanted to charge in to get rage.  So Aza was a bit upset after that and we just did it on normal.  I know he still wants his BiS neck from heroic Domo.  It was Tout's first time doing heroic, so I didn't expect that he'd know exactly what to do, and it didn't bother me.  Tout had fun, playing with his friends, which was good.

Now the dilemma - I picked up heroic Eye of Blazing Power.  I really wanted that for PVP but Lushnek wants it for his healing set.  Should I give it to him?  When I know he's going to replace it?  But he could keep it for a while... and what if he gets a heroic trinket?  Is he going to replace it then?  I think I have 40 minutes left before I can trade it.  I feel bad, I should hand it over.  I will when we both logon later.

9 more things for Lushnek before he gets his Legendary.  Yay!  Good luck to him next week!  Oh my gosh, I just realised I won't be there :(  leaving on Friday.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday raiding - Heroic Hagara down!

I was being a total stresshead at the beginning of raid.  I had my mouse, keyboard and network on my new computer, but I had the hard disk space, FRAPS, mods, etc on my old computer.  I was rushing home from dinner with the kids to make it for raid because I knew Hagara was going down TODAY.

Mods weren't set up properly, was trying to reconfigure my keys after downloading it on my new computer and Lushnek said just get on your old computer.  So I got on my old computer but that crummy keyboard was so horrible!  I had lots of misstrokes during typing and was just miserable, and the kids were screaming and fighting and hitting each other, I just was not in a raiding mood!  I even typed as much and Roshii screenshotted it while I was ripping keyboards and mice out and plugging it back into my old computer.  After a few times I got it right and I was happy.

Poor Souglyy died so many times!!!  She was out of range for my healing a lot and so missed out on tranq love.  And on our kill attempt Roshii died twice - I think he died once during the ice phase and I can't recall why he died the second time.  Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!

Roshii, your wings are in my face...
Then on to Heroic Ultraxion which was stuffed up the first time because Gutsy forgot to press the button. Thank goodness I didn't prepot.  Voe snickered at me having to DPS but I didn't do TOO horribly.  I was bottom, but that's where I expect to be anyway!  And at least I didn't stuff up my rotation... Hwired was a bit "wha?" when I asked him if I could do 3rd rotation with Shabadu because that's our normal rotation and Roshii was like "Navi, come on!" because he said it's easy, but you know me!  I like to stick to my number, it's the one I was used to (and fortunately Barkhoof was the 2nd rotation which is his normal one too).  Second kill was clean, though Voe took Red and Blue which I think was a poor choice, since it would be best for Gutsy to take Red so Voe could take Green and Blue, but that's what he's been used to doing.

Warmaster was... OMG semi messy!  Soug really was having a bad day she died twice!  Poor thing!  It looked like she was rezzed in the shockwave or something but I think she was just unlucky with the shockwaves.  Ouch.

And for Spine we did the achievement, so that was pretty cool!  Thanks Lushnek for prompting Hwired to do it and making it easy (we did the roll straight after we did the 3rd roll).

On Deathwing we jumped from another platform and so that was another step of my last achievement done, and Roshii noticed and said next time we're doing the one I already have so the rest of them can catch up.  I told Fue we should have done it in our raids.... :P

We wiped on Deathwing!  We started from Malygos' platform for a change and we worked our way left, and then when we were jumping back to Ysera's platform, Deathwing was in our way!  And so all those elementium things were on the other side, and we didn't know if we could jump through or not.  We started out on the other platform and then moved over but by then it was too much and we died.  OMG.  Noobs :)  Gutsy was cracking me up because he did almost no healing that time and was sitting on low numbers for a bit while me and Voe laughed and tried to heal lots!

The second time we did it was better, and the interesting thing was that all 3 of us did the same healing!  I only snuck ahead at the end because I did a Tranq meter-pad because all the others were doing it!  Peer pressure you know :P but I think even without that we were all still practically equal.  That was a good feeling.  Considering I'm still using 2 391 ilvl items!  I don't think my chest is ever going to drop from Ultraxion, and I'll never get it with all those other people in my tier.  I might consider buying the Valor chest but it has such rubbish stats...

Roshii the quick fingered opened the chest and went OMG OMG because there was ANOTHER Blazing drake in there!  He wanted it so badly, and he rolled a lousy number and Shabadu won it with a 91.  I laughed.  Shaba, who has no idea about special rare mounts or achievements or rare pets, and doesn't particularly care about it, won it!  It was funny.  Shaba actually decided to give it to Roshii and Roshii paid him 10k for it which made both parties happy.  Roshii was ecstatic and his face was sore from grinning so much.  It was a good raid night all round - mounts, achievements and a new boss kill.  Yay Frostwolves!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We interrupt this WoW Blog to talk about some geeky stuff....

It was funny that Effraeti was talking about building her computer, because I got a new shiny this weekend... a new computer!


It's been 3 years since I bought my last computer, and for "tax purposes" it's best to get a new computer every 3 years, so it was a good time to get one.  Lushnek also wanted a new computer and he always wants to spend outrageous money on top of the line stuff, so I thought WHY THE HECK NOT!  He asked me what I wanted to get, and I was happy to go with his choices, though I do prefer NVidia cards, not for any reason other than I've always had one and I like them.  I had a feeling we were going to go down the monstrous huge heavy path again (our GTX 295s were so huge back then!).  I also said I needed more HDD space for video rendering and editing and I do like my video cards to support to DVI outputs for both my monitors so I can always blog or edit pictures and videos while I'm waiting during a raid wipe for everyone to get back.

So Lushnek sends me a pic of our new Christmas presents, all packed up and ready for us to pick up from the store.

But the most impressive (or maybe OUTRAGEOUS) thing I think was the box the video card came in!  It looks like a damn TOOLBOX!  I don't have the green packaging anymore because I was too excited to get into the box to get at the card so I have to take this pic from Gigabyte's website.

It comes with a gaming mouse!  No wonder the thing was damn expensive.  The mouse itself is not bad, it's a 5 button mouse and comes with a 20g and 3x 6g weights to load into your mouse.  I don't like playing with a light mouse, I prefer a heavier mouse anyway.  So I took a picture of it with my 2 year old son for perspective.  Don't mind the mess.

So I am sure you're wondering what I've wasted my money on?  Well, have a look:

CPU: Intel Core i7 3930K 3.8GHz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX590 (OMG it has 3 DVIs!!!)
MB: Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5
RAM: 32GB (4x 8GB) Corsair
Storage: 2x 120GB SSD and 2x 3TB HDD
Case: Coolermaster HAF in black

I thought my last case was big but this one is even bigger.  At least it fits under my desk.

Computer building is not something you do with toddlers around.  Lushnek came by on Friday night with all the goodies and hubby rolled his eyes at the amount of STUFF we had.  He told me it was a waste of money.  A good computer is never a waste of money, IMO.  Cheaper than a wedding dress and I have to spend lots of time with it so I might as well make it look and go nice, right?  So I had to get the kids into bed before I could start putting my new toy together.

Building a computer is a bit like putting Lego together, really.  Roshii asked me why I would build my computer.  I have been doing it for my last 4 systems.  The first time was a bit daunting, but there was a sense of satisfaction when you finish doing your first one.  It comes with instructions if you don't know what to do, or have difficulty seeing all that teeny tiny writing on the motherboard.  If I was doing it all by myself, I would have been a bit more proactive.  As it was, everytime I got stuck about something, fortunately Lushnek was sitting nearby doing his computer so he could lend me a hand.  I remember being anxious about putting the CPU in... where was the little triangle??  I couldn't see it and I didn't want to put it in the wrong way or BAD things might happen!  Of course, when I closed the cover on top of it there was the triangle on the outside of the cover - SOO useful... NOT.  Putting the cooling system on it was a bit of a headache - I have never used one of those Corsair Cooling systems before (fan not liquid) but it required me to take out one of the fans from the case to install.
It looks like me we can use this to breathe underwater....

I'm really bad at making things tidy inside the case.  All those fancy rubber holes in the case for threading cables in and out - geez, I never would have thought I would do much of that because I just used to pile the cables in all over the place inside, but I admit it looks a lot neater with it tied up nicely inside.  And the solid states fit nicely into one slot, one on either side of one of the sliders in the bay.  They're so teeny tiny... so cute!

So my computer is up and running, I haven't got my data drives yet, just the SSDs so have the system up and running, but not really much else on yet.  That's the worst thing about setting up a new computer, getting EVERYTHING back on, and digging out all those stupid serial numbers again, and then sifting through all your junk deciding if you want to keep it all or not.  I'm happy though, this beastly machine doesn't growl like a beast, it's not too loud (though I haven't worked it hard yet in terms of graphics loads) and it has a nice little sliding cover to hide the power and reset buttons from prying little fingers.  Nothing worse than doing a long blog post and suddenly the computer shuts off and a guilty little face is looking up at you with his hands on the magic button...

So what's going to happen to my old computer?  I was going to donate it to Roshii but he didn't think it was good enough so maybe my parents will be happy to take it off my hands.  I gave them my old G5 mouse last time, I think all the buttons are wasted on them though :P  So take a look at my "free" Gigabyte M8000X and see if I should swap my G9 for it... (though I'm tempted to anyway since button 4 and 5 are a bit iffy lately and I am not getting a lot of Wild Growths off because the buttons don't work that well sometimes)

What's the worst thing about building your own computer?  THE RUBBISH.  All those nicely packaged boxes turned into a roomfull of styrofoam, cable ties, instruction leaflets, plastic wrappers, screws, leftover bits, and random cardboard and plastic casings that I had to spend an hour just trying to put into the recycling and regular rubbish bin.  I was almost tempted to pay someone to get rid of the whole damn mess.

I'm sure I'll get lots of flak for throwing money on a huge system that is way overpowered for what I need.  But, I think of it this way - people like to drive around in their fancy cars... Porsches, Ferraris, M5s and zippy little Golf GTIs.  I don't have a fancy car, but I have my fancy computer.  And it's my money I saved up.  I can buy whatever the hell I want, as long as it lasts me another 3 years :)

Highlights from my Blogroll March 25, 2012

This week was a little different.  There were lowlights and highlights.

I was sad to see that Glowbie has decided to stop raiding in WoW.  Her blog will still exist, she said, but she is no longer raiding, and her whole guild decided to stop raiding as well.  They are all good friends in their guild, having raided together for a while, and they will all probably join up in some other game to continue the gaming friendship.  So it's just trading games really.  But doesn't mean I won't miss her on my blogroll....

Windsoar shocked me with her post I cried inside, and then... when she said that her guild has decided to drop to one day raiding a week.  Another mid level guild turned social.  I guess it's just a different direction and things may change in the future but for now, that's what she's doing.  I could feel her shock and her hesitation of the unknown, but if everyone is happy, and they're all still playing, it's ok right?

For those who missed it, my good friend Cymre was on Twisted Nether Blogcast last weekend!  Was a good interview, I was excited because I even got a small mention - see if you can spot where it refers to me!  Though it's tricky if you don't know us that well :)  Cymre also has the blues because recruitment is low, which has been a problem for a while now.

And the amount of people who participated in Big Bear Butt's writing challenge was astonishing.  I thought I had them all but thank goodness Hugh of MMO Melting pot was around to list everyone who participated so I can catch up on the ones I missed.

Effraeti and Glowbie and Erinys also wrote about girl gaming and sexism, and their thoughts are very similar to mine.  As if our posts haven't got enough traffic and comments already!  And I think THIS is going a bit far...

Something I noticed on Harpy's nest this morning...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Green, legs and ma'ams

I really liked the Gypsy's Tunic, and I was bidding on one on the AH, and Roshii was looking around for a PVP set.  Jokingly I said he should use what we had lying around in "Harrods" for a transmog Leprechaun set, which included Gypsy Trousers, Indomitable Shoulders and Huntsman's Boots.  He previewed those items and thought it was a great idea, so I camped my bid on the AH in earnest.  And I won it for the bargain price of just under 6 silver!

Roshii already had Emerald Beholder Eye in his bags, so all was needed now was some gloves.  He decided to try for Fallbrush Handgrips, which drop from Crystal Fang in LBRS.  Fortunately, she spawned on his 5th attempt and dropped those gloves first go!  And not only did he get his gloves, he got a pic of Crystal Fang for me as well :)  So here he is as a blood elf...

And here as his green self.  I did worry that green on green was going to be weird, but I actually think it looks really good!    Watch out Alliance, the Green Ganker is here!!!

And who did I see but Arayde of The Fallen wandering around in Orgrimmar in a new Green set!  So here's a leprechaun set for you cloth wearers!

I wonder if I'll see any mail or plate leprechauns out there... I'll be ready with my screenshot button if I do!

New Rares this week

Well I was glad to get my last Kara rare spawn - here's Hyakiss from the basement.  Won't have to go back there again to take any pics!

A combined one this one - Ayelena took the pic while Aza was itching to tame it nearby.  At least they didn't kill it!

Crystal Fang is found in LBRS.  Thanks to Roshii for sending me this one!

Yay my last missing rare in Blasted Lands.  Tick!

Got an updated pic of Dreamwatcher Forktongue from Swamp of Sorrows.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Knowledge Killing

This week's shared topic at Blog Azeroth was suggested by Logtar:
Do you guys think that the LFR and LFD kill the sense of community, but taking it one step further; does it also kill the passing down of knowledge?  Are the new tools for grouping killing the knowledge sharing?
I wasn't sure I had anything to say but after reading Karegina's post on the topic I realised I did have something to say.

There are different kinds of knowledge.  I don't agree that you can't pass knowledge through LFR - people can learn about boss techniques and you tend to learn it from watching rather than anyone explaining.  Sometimes you can get lucky and someone will go through it and explain it to you, and I know I try to pass as much knowledge as possible that way if I do LFR with any noobies.  The same goes with LFD - those instances are the same difficulty and the strats are the same, so you can still impart knowledge about mechanics and techniques in those areas.

One item of knowledge that I think having LFR and LFD reduces is WHERE things are.  People no longer need to know how to get somewhere if they don't want to.  As long as one person gets there, then throw out a group summon, you don't have to know how to get there.  Remember summoning stones?  We used to use them to summon people to a dungeon.  I wonder how many people who do LFR know where the Dragon Soul instance is?

Another thing that may lead to knowledge killing but not DIRECTLY related to LFR/LFD is that there is more of a trend now for solo play.  To raid or to do a dungeon in Vanilla or BC required you to at least know somebody.  Or you could PUG, but before cross server, a successful one was hard to find.  If you solo play, who is there to pass knowledge to you.  How are you going to know where the Valor point vendor is in Orgrimmar if you don't have someone to tell you?  Trade channel is an option but it can be full of trolls that sometimes even asking the simplest question can get you anything from a helpful answer to abuse about being a noob.  NOT that you should put up with that abuse (and we should all make a stand against abuse in WoW! But I've already written a long post about that!) but it is sometimes easier to avoid something if you can help it. 

I am guilty of this to an extent.  It took me a long time to figure out where Grim Batol was, and even where Vortex Pinnacle was.  It's so easy to queue Grim Batol as a dungeon and instantly you're there.

There are so many ways in WoW to get your information now.  Dungeon Journal, Wowhead, Wowwiki, Google, blogs... you don't need to ask other people all those questions anymore.  But does it seem like people know less in WoW than we ever did before, even with this all this info?  Do people care about the lore of Warcraft?  Sometimes it feels like that the only people who did care were those who played Warcraft 3.  Perhaps we underestimate new players - if they get passionate about WoW then they will do anything to find out everything they can about the game.  I just hope that everyone will treat those new players with respect and answer their noobish questions patiently so that everyone can enjoy this addictive, maddening, enthralling game that we all play.

Thursday raiding - Bashing at Heroic Hagara

Anyone who raided with me in Firelands knows that I am pretty slow on the uptake for movement fights.  And I have to have my usual round of uncoordinated lone deaths where I look like a complete idiot before I really understand what I was supposed to be doing.  Cyclones on Alysrazor was one of those things.

Last night on Hagara I was a bit like that.

Now the group did have a look on Wednesday but for me it was mostly to see it.  We had a different group makeup last night.  Sevros replaced Azadelta because Aza was sick with his mancold.  Though he did sound sick.  And Augment had to get ready for a Karate tournament so Shabadu replaced him.  Everyon else was the same (Hwired, Voe, Navi, Roshii, Lushnek, Fallnapart, Gutsy, Souglyy).  Last night there were 5 coloured makers up and all I could recall was that I was supposed to go to wherever an ice lance spawned in the pink area and take hits from it and share them with Shaba.  OK, and I go in the middle in lightning phase while everyone runs around to their positions marked here:

So the first few attempts, I was dying first.  And I was also always on the wrong side of where everyone else was during the ice phase!

"Nav, you go to red during ice phase, yellow for lightning," whispered Roshii.

Ohhh, Ok, I must have missed that part.  Ok red.  Run to red during ice phase.  That makes sense, coz we have to run together, I have to give them my Stampeding roar and dispel people.  Cool.

Next ice phase, somehow I was on the other side of Hagara and OMG the red marker is all the way over there.  I'm trying to get there... uh oh, I'm inside the bubble it hurts, let me get out, oh shit, this is nowhere near the others, OMG the wall is coming.... splat.

Hwired laughed "Nav, you're terrible!"

Don't I know it! :P

After that I think I got the hang of the whole red thing and getting my stampeding roar out and dispelling.  Sorta.

The other thing I struggled with was taking those ice lances.  The pink marker had been taken away.  OMG where do I go now?  I just ran to one of the ice lances.

"There are 4 people on this one and nobody on the one on the other side," Lushnek said after a wipe.  And he whispered me "You're not at the right one."

"I can't find my marker, I have no idea where I'm supposed to go," I whispered back.

"Yours is to the right of Hagara, over here, so the yellow marker is on your left."

Ah Ok, I get it.  90 degrees from Yellow marker.

So I am trying to get in position.  Oh here's one.  Wait there's another one.  Hang on, there's a different line on me.  Get off me.  I try to run away.  The ice thing keeps hitting me.  Aaah!  I run halfway across the room.

"Nav!  Don't take that thing all the way over there, stop moving! "

"How do I get this off me?"

"Not by running all over the place!"

Lushnek said "People are running around like headless chickens, the line to you doesn't do any damage, it's the ice hitting that does the damage.  If you get it, don't move, someone will come and get it off you."

Oh, OK.  I think I get it now.  Right.  I can do this.

Oh and the standing in the middle for healing!  You'd think that was easy right?  I thought cool, I don't have to go anywhere!  Someone had told me that I start throwing out CDs when the add dies.  Oh, really?  But people's health isn't that low.  Oh well, ok here goes.  Wheee, pretty numbers!  Oh shit, Roshii is out of range.  OMG Soug is out of range.  "Gutsy I can't reach Roshii..."  Gutsy has started talking. "Wings on you Falln."  "Get Baha (Soug)! Oh shit."  But after a while it was ok.  I figured that bit out.

And then... there was this crap about lightning not chaining.  Everyone keeps saying it's a bug.  They're standing there and it's not chaining to them.  This happened A LOT, and the conversations seemed to be the same each time

"Get rid of your pets!" said Hwired.
"Mine's bugging.  MINE'S BUGGING!" yells Souglyy.
"Fuck this, I hate bullshit that's bugged," said Voe.
"This is such bullshit," said Hwired.  "Why isn't there something on forums about this bug?  It seems to be pretty common.  Look I've read if it's not chaining that way try doing it from the other side."

OK now he's lost me but I think he means conduct the other direction.  Thank god I don't have to be one of then numbers in the diagram.  But we did get some that didn't bug.

We had a few good attempts.  Some deaths but nothing to terrible.

Falln whispered me.  "I like this fight, it's really fun!"
"I shouldn't have teased you about being like a girl with a map," I whispered back.  Yes yes I know I just wrote a post about sexism and stereotypes but some stereotypes are funny, like Irish jokes and blonde jokes.  You gotta be able to laugh about something.
"Nah you're doing OK," he whispered back.
"Yeah right," I said.  "But I think NOW I'm getting the hang of this."
"We'll get this," he said.  "That attempts was really good."  Falln always says that.  He said that for Ultraxion and we did it a few attempts later.

We go again.  Ooh, that was a good go!  13%!

Next go.  Oops, someone died early.  "Wipe it quick," said Hwired, "So we can get a few more attempts in."

We run back in and... uh oh, trash is back up.  Lushnek said "Let's call it, do it on Sunday, I can't be bothered clearing all this again."  Hwired agreed.

So after that, Shab, Sev and I went and did some arena.  Sev said "Was it just me or was it really quiet?"

"Gutsy was tired.  He doesn't talk when he's tired."
"Ah.  I thought my ears would be worse after that raid but it was ok."

We had some good games.  We groaned when we came up against a DK and 2 warriors and got smashed.  But we got them back in another match where we weren't on an elevated spot.  Ha to them!  Thank god for Arena.  At least I can run around like a headless chook there and people will just think I've had a distracting shot or I'm feared.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday raiding - Heroic Zon'ozz down!

Now that Moo has declined all raids and we are missing healers there was discussion in officer forums how we should handle the situation.  Recruit more?  Or drop to one group?  Hwired and I were against recruiting - who would we pick up at the end of an expansion?  We would have to train them up again, and it would be a step backwards.  So Fue said he would put it to the group, and if people didn't mind sitting out or were tired of raiding, then this was their opportunity to sit out.  Hwired was the only tank who stayed.  And healers were Voe, Gutsy and myself - Beauti decided to sit out with Belinia and Barkhoof.  It was DPS we had to sit out.  Ksret was the unlucky chosen one and Roshii had to sit out for Mor'chok so we could get another tank in just for that fight.

So the group was
Tanks: Hwired, Belinia (substituted for Roshii after)
Healers: Voe, Navimie, Gutsy
DPS: Lushnek, Azadelta, Fallnapart, Augment, Souglyy

I will admit, I was a bit nervous.  I am so used to my group, which is quiet and laid back, that I wondered, what it would be like coming to the more intense group.  The other group usually has a bit more drama in raid than mine, and I wondered if it would be different.  Though in reality, the groups are split half half.  I don't want people yelling at me for little mistakes.  Usually in our group we laugh it off like when I tranq'd in purple on Yor'sahj or when Sev lost his mouse cursor and couldn't click the button for Ultraxion.

The first boss went smoothly, Voe was on Porkchop's side and me and Gutsy were on Morchok's side.  At least the drops were good!  We got Bone Link Fetish (Falln) and Mycosynth wristguards for me!

Then on to Yor'sahj where Voe said he wanted to DPS and I said no, Gutsy normally DPS's this fight, and it was just me and Voe.  It was a little different to how we did it.  They don't do group assignments like I do, it's a FFA heal.  Which I didn't like because of the risk of me hotting someone who needs a heal.  And then when they agreed to split the groups they gave me ALL the ranged.  I said that you can't do that because in green phase, melee take NO damage but ranged take all the damage so I'll be doing all the healing, I wanted them split between us but Voe said it would be fine stop stressing!  So, the first ooze phase had a blue and the second one was red/yellow/black and Voe wanted the bubble popped, even though I didn't think we needed it.  Which meant for the NEXT phase where there was a blue again AND a green, there was no mana.  So how can I heal all the bombed ranged with no mana?  Bleh!  I can't!  So poor Souglyy, who was at the bottom of my heal window didn't get a heal because I had no mana for a heal.  And she died.  Voe snickered at me and said "Did you need a hand?" and I said "Well, YEAH I said I would need a hand in green phase!"  ":P" he said to me.  Well, that was annoying but at least we still killed it.  Aza get his heroic Conquerer legs, and Gutsy picked up Scalpel of Unrelenting Agony.  So onto Zon'ozz!

It took me a bit  to get the hang of what they were saying.  Aza runs around killing things - that was different to what Sev does.  And rogues stay on the claw.  That too was different to what I'd done, but didn't mean it wasn't better.  I said Voe's not allowed to do ranged because he doesn't stand in the group.  Besides, in our group, Gutsy did ranged.  Voe got to stay on melee.  I went out with Aza and Falln taking care of eyes after the black phase, and the three of us just had to time our CDs right for each black phase.  It actually went rather well I thought.  Our first go, all 3 of us blew our CDs on the first black phase.  On the second go I dispelled Augment too early and blew people up.  I was used to yelling to people to run out and Voe said too many people asking for dispels so I did the 3 second count dispel which I didn't think worked as well.  On one attempt I thought we were supposed to wipe after someone died and I missed that so I did my usual kill everyone as fast as you can and dispelled a melee really early, not realising we were continuing.  Roshii got a bit "Who dispelled!" cranky, and I said it was me.  But maybe he held back from yelling at me coz I was his friend.

The discussion about techniques was a bit heated and Augment whispered me "Is it just me or is there  a bit of tension about how to do it?"
I whispered him back and said "I think this is what they're normally like."  
"Really? o.O"
I laughed.

But back to Zon'ozz. On our 5th attempt we wiped so close... and I died just before I could tranq.  So we reshuffled our CDs again and we got it on our 6th go.  And you know what's crappy?  We were all standing around his legs and I FRAPS'd it but I was facing the WRONG WAY and you can't see anything.  What a crap video, who hired her to do these??

Conquerer Tier again!  Gutsy got Conquerer gloves and Hwired picked up Indomitable Pride.

Then onto Hagara!  I needed an explanation so that took a while and there was this diagram I had to look at with numbers 1-8 scattered around the lightning rods.  Too confusing for me.  Luckily, healers just had to stand in the middle so my job would have been easy.  Cavendar was talking to me at work, and I told him what we were doing, and he told me that they tried doing that for 2 days and it wasn't working and in the end they ended up having everyone in the middle and 2 groups of 2, one on each side, doing all the rods on one side each.  Well I haven't actually seen that phase so I can't say I know exactly what he's talking about, so I will see it tonight.

But now Frostwolves are 4/8!  WOOOOO!  Grats Frostwolves!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Am I blind to sexism?

I have read a lot of things lately regarding sexism, feminism, gender stereotypes... and I wonder, why I haven't seemed to notice those things myself.  So I had a long hard think about feminism and sexism.

Being Feminist is one of those terms, that different people have differing stereotypes for.  To me, a feminist, is someone who is:
  • for equal rights in ALL aspects for women as men
  • but also slightly SEXIST, as in being a female chauvinist
Wikipedia says:
Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.  In addition, feminism seeks to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist is a "person whose beliefs and behavior are based on feminism."
So clearly you can see that my definition of feminism differs to the dictionary version.  And the reason is because I think the term Equalist, or Non-Sexist, being a better term, implying that both sides are equal. 

O wrote a post recently, titled Pressure, which was about how she felt there was pressure to perform better because she was female.  And Kat from Shaman Nebula (who wrote a guest post on World of Matticus) talked about being bullied and harrassed because she was female. can’t just be a woman and be good at what you do.  Someone let you win.  You cheated.  You got lucky.  A man can take a defeat from another man much more easily.
- Oestrus, The Stories of O
Now I can't say that I have ever had those things happen to me.  Of course being female, people try to crack on to you, but nobody has ever said to me that my game play was substandard because I was female.  Or that they let me win because I was female (though I have had some sneaking suspicions during some duels - I hate people letting me win).  And I have never felt pressure to perform better or felt like I had anything to prove because I was female.  This might be because I have an equalist mentality, where I think both sexes are equal.  And I really do believe that.  Girls who are passionate about computer games will perform as well as boys who play with equal passion.  It's the same in my workplace.  I am successful because I work hard.  I don't work as hard as the boys I work with, but if I did, I would earn as much as they do.  Nobody at work says I got any of my promotions or authority roles because I was a female.  I got them because I am good at what I do.

Kat's post really struck a chord in me.  She was accused of being "guaranteed" a raid spot because she had boobs.  Umm.... What??  Kat writes heroic 10 man strategies for shamans.  I'm no shaman but some of the healing tips are vaguely relevant to me and she does write well, because she knows what she is talking about.
I was accused of having the privilege of being a girl. Whatever special effects our sex brings to the table has helped me climb the ranks of standard raider status for my guild’s raiding team. That I was offered numerous perks, contrary to what a man would ever imagine of receiving as fast and as efficiently.
Who SAYS things like that??  Clearly, it was said by a male.  And a jealous male at that.  It looks like he was taking a stab at the only thing he could really, that he thought was a weakness.  Being female.  I mean, really, who says things like this:
His exact words were “I wish I had your pair of to [breasts] to guarantee me a raiding spot and a whole guild raving about my skills and people constantly trying to get my attention for doing absolutely nothing else but existing, rather than ignore me when I log on”.
Clearly, a sad, and jealous douche.  Now, I as I said before, I have read Kat's blog.  She SOLO heals a lot, as shamans are terribly OP (Voe!!!) and you can't do that if you've "climbed the ranks because you're female".   You get there because you're goddamn awesome.

I have known females who DO use their feminine wiles to get places.  One of them, who is a close friend of my guildies (and was in this guild briefly), was guilty of this.  From my point of view, she flirted a lot, she was attractive in real life, and she was not a great player, but she was an OK player.  Nothing to write home about, but she was passable.  She also dressed her character provocatively too, and unfortunately was called a "slut" by another of my guildies which she told me about and told me to rectify, which I did.  Now being called a slut is another thing and I'll get onto that later.  But going back to topic, she is now in one of the top ranked guilds of our server, but she doesn't raid with them.  She had also gone along to my friend Cymre's guild for a run, and one of the boys who had brought her raved about her, but Cymre didn't think her performance was anything particularly flash.  But this is what I mean - she used her feminine charms to get her way, but those sorts of things don't work on other females.  I wasn't against her, in fact, I was excited to have another female to raid with, but her raid performance let her down, and I was disappointed.  But not ONCE did I think it was because she was female.

Now I can move onto the "slut" comment.  I have used the word slut many times, when I'm referring to "slut plate" or "slut leather".  I realised, I used the term to mean "provocative" or "come and get me" but in that silly fun way.  But slut is not a fun word, really.  Apple Cider wrote about how hurtful it was to be called a slut.  And you know what?  I have never been called a slut, not to my face.  So I thought long and hard about how I would feel if someone called me a slut.  And my conclusion?  I think it would depend on who was doing the name calling, and if everyone was calling me a slut.  But in reality, I couldn't imagine why people would call me a slut, I think I would just think they were silly.

I think that people often use the word slut out of jealousy.  Who are the people who get called "sluts"?  It's the sexily dressed, good looking girls.  Or the girls who have multiple sexual partners.  Those sexily dressed girls, other girls call them sluts because surely it's because they're jealous of how good those girls look in those clothes.  Or jealous of the daring that those girls show in being able to carry off an outfit like that.  And boys... they use it out of jealousy as well!  If a nice looking girl knocks them back or gives them the flick, the girl becomes a slut if she's seen with another guy.  Or if a nice looking girl ignores them after a pass, she's a slut.  Jealousy.  Plain and simple.

So how can you avoid this?  Act with decorum.  Act mature.  Don't play on your feminine wiles to get you out of trouble.  If you use your sex to get you ahead, then you may find that it may backfire on you and people will use it against you.  But remember that NOBODY should have the right to make you feel small and insecure.  Degrading someone, even if you think they deserve it, is never right.

So all this sexist abuse that goes around, comes from insecurity or jealousy, I've decided.  And I thought that clamping down on derogatory statements should not just extend to girls they should extend to EVERYONE.  To quote Kat:
Next time you feel like making fun or degrading someone in your guild do yourself a favour and think about it twice.  Discrimination, abusive behaviour, violence of any kind should never be tolerated. It’s my belief that the gaming community is purer than any other community in the world. And if you feel that you can’t make a difference think of this. Change starts from within and in this age, never before has a single voice sounded louder. 
Hear Hear.