Transmog contests are taking over Azeroth!

Transmog contests are the in thing at the moment!  Mataoka of Wow Sugar had her Leather and Lace and Next Top Plate model contests, and there was Mog Madness by JDK, Effy and Ancient.  But in between, which was a HUGE competition was the WoW Factor, done by Disenchanting Azeroth.

Ancient went along to one and she wrote all about it, and I wanted to go see one too.  Last weekend it was on Alliance side, Lightbringer, and I totally forgot about it!  I really want to go see the next one because it sounds like an absolute blast.  Ironyca and Noelani really know their gear (they were guest judges, but now they are full time into it!), and "the Mogfather" Keelhaul (from Disenchanting Azeroth) make an awesome team!  And they give prize gold and even mounts (Lightbringer winners had mounts sponsored by IcyVeins)

The three that Wowroleplay gear wrote about so far had some amazing mogs.  I keep losing them in my feed so I decided to make a post about it so I can come back and look at them any time I want.

The first one they were at was on Tichondrius, and this one had Horde and Alliance competitors.  I really liked the Alliance Winner, Boptarts' transmog.

I was hunting and hunting for that beautiful peacock coloured druid and I found it on Ironyca's pre Tichondrius scouting post.  Now doesn't he look magnificent!  I want to copy that!

Then they were onto Arthas, a PVP realm which was interesting because there was mass slaughter happening!  Ancient commented about the action here.  Look at all this bling with matching pet!

And the most recent was on Lightbringer.  So much mog there to see!  I was really excited to see this one (Envy was one of the winners): Souglyy is wearing Steadfast set too!

This is Vrexia, who was one of the 2 top prize winners, walking away with 16k gold and a mount!  There was an awesome pic of her on top of a matching azure drake (I think).  How awesome is that!  Hmm, do you think I have a bit of a draenei female fetish?

This was a great blue cloth set to be seen in.  Very swish!

So I hope I can make it to the next one!  Would be exciting to see the whole event live!  I suppose I could always relive it by watching the livestream.


  1. I'm looking forward to the day Keelhaul, Ironyca and Noelani bring these to the EU servers, so I can make my own level one and run around the contestants!

    If I'm not mistaken the next event is around April 4, on Scarlet Crusade US. If you do join in, I wish you great fun, and be sure to cover it on your blog for us poor European players. ;-)

  2. And I didn't get home in time to go to the one on Lightbringer. I'm hoping to get to the next one, they are really a whole lot of fun and the outfits are amazing even without a raid!

  3. I love all the buzz transmogrification is getting these months, I love it!

    Keelhaul has made a calendar list of when we're going where:

    Next is April 14th.
    It's both Keel and my fault that we're not doing anything for two weeks, I have an exam, my birthday and a friend's birthday party keeping my weekends busy. Keelhaul is moving home.

    Also for Töki (and anyone else interested), both me and Noelani are EU players. It's possible, with a small file editing, to go onto US servers under a trial account character. The real problem for EU'ers attending US events, is the horrid time scheme. We're up in the middle of the night, from like 1 or 3 at night until morning. Hence why we are restricted to weekends.
    I'm hugely excited about doing it on the EU servers because of the simple fact of being able to TALK to people and better hours, which US'ers can do too, it'll be their afternoons and our evenings - see THAT is much nicer for everyone, haha!

    1. @Ironyca - It must be so exciting for you! All those costumes and new (and maybe old) ideas must be so great to see, and the pairing of pets with your costume was a new idea to me but I love the idea. I should go look at Keelhaul's calendar. The amount of money he comes up with just amazes me.


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