Monday Raiding - Firelands

I was late logging on.  Kids.  I'm telling you, the faster daylight savings ends, the better.  Makes my raid life that much harder trying to get them into bed before raid time.

It was Firelands night tonight, and Lushnek was getting edgy - only one more week to go until he gets his Legendary!  So next week, he will be getting it and he will be one happy Chicken.

I replaced Hwired's priest Narishma.  And Tout was there on his warrior, with some mostly 378 gear, some 397 and one 365, so he was more than Firelands ready.  Beth'tilac is already down, so off we go to do Rhyolith.  Had a few wipes there trying to get the Not An Ambiturner achievement, but we gave up after a while and did it the normal way.

Then on to Alysrazor, which we decided to try heroic.  Pet racing first!  Peanut won the pet race, and a white bear was the slowest.  OK, on to the fight!  Belinia didn't quite make it clear to Tout what to do.  I think it was "Tank the bird and eat the worms."  I think Tout missed the worms part, and he died really quick and was quite hard to heal - not unexpected when the bird is tantrumming.  Once we told him to do that, it was a bit better, but though Tout backed into the bird, he kept walking through the flames of the worm which does a lot of damage.  And a few brushfires.  And I got line of sight behind the egg.  Lushnek was healing by that stage and I told him to help with Tout.  And then when Tout did live, he couldn't get behind the meteor in time to hide from the flame thing Alysrazor did.  So he died a lot there too.  Well, I didn't expect him to be able to learn the fight in one night, but I wasn't expecting to waste that much time on it.  We had a few wipes and on our last attempt on heroic, all the ground people died with like 15 million health left, leaving Sev and Az flying around in the air.  And I had released, so I couldn't see what was happening.  But the fight went on... and on... and then suddenly Tout got the Heroic: Alysrazor achievement!  OMG, those 2 locks flying are totally OP.  They lived by flying just out of the area for the when she did her flame thing where you're supposed to hide behind the meteor.  Lushnek said "Why don't we do that all the time?"  and Roshii said "That's what I was saying back then...."  That was an EPIC kill, I wish I hadn't released... :(

Then on to Baleroc which we did as normal, and Shannox which was done as normal too.  Then onto Majordomo.  Aza said "We're not trying the achievement are we..." You could hear the reluctance in his voice!  But Souglyy didn't have the achievement so we decided to try it for her.  So Az ran up, I ran up, Roshii and Barkhoof I think were up.  Lushnek said "I'm not going this time, my latency is 600ms" because we know who stuffed it up last time he was lagging!  Souglyy said "I'm going to stand right here, I'm not moving!"  And I sat down in position to wait.  And suddenly, the orbs were gone.  Who did it?

Oops.  Nobody told Tout what we were doing and he had run in.  "Nobody told me what we were doing..." he said.  I just laughed.  That's what happened to poor Ksret the other time too.  One more week to try it!  The ongoing saga of Only the Penitent... :P

We did try to do Majordomo on heroic... but we couldn't do it.  The first time we did well, but we weren't clear on the running in part, and so the call was made a bit late, and so the pounce was done right in the middle and we were all standing in it in our little cyclones.  You don't take damage then but you need to get the hell out really quick.  It was getting late, and we had one more attempt on heroic.  As we started, Aza said "You're NOT standing close enough!!!" and I didn't see who he meant, but as we ran out on 9 stacks, the orbs appeared.  That was chaotic.  Figured out later that it was Tout standing out of the group, because he wanted to charge in to get rage.  So Aza was a bit upset after that and we just did it on normal.  I know he still wants his BiS neck from heroic Domo.  It was Tout's first time doing heroic, so I didn't expect that he'd know exactly what to do, and it didn't bother me.  Tout had fun, playing with his friends, which was good.

Now the dilemma - I picked up heroic Eye of Blazing Power.  I really wanted that for PVP but Lushnek wants it for his healing set.  Should I give it to him?  When I know he's going to replace it?  But he could keep it for a while... and what if he gets a heroic trinket?  Is he going to replace it then?  I think I have 40 minutes left before I can trade it.  I feel bad, I should hand it over.  I will when we both logon later.

9 more things for Lushnek before he gets his Legendary.  Yay!  Good luck to him next week!  Oh my gosh, I just realised I won't be there :(  leaving on Friday.


  1. Firelands was Fun!

  2. I had a buttoload of fun .. despite being the cause of at least 4 wipes! :( :) First time off tanking that , with experience and gear I got last night I felt a little like a loot whore - 7 pieces all up!

    Can't wait for Hk to get his legendary!

    - Tout


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