Wednesday raiding - Hagara you Biatch

I shouldn't really blame Hagara.  It was not a good start to the raid evening.

Hagara the Stormbinder yells: Not one of you will live to see the final cataclysm! Finish them!
I fell asleep again putting Julian to bed.  Luckily I had my phone next to me on vibrate and Lushnek called me to wake me up.  So I snuck out of the room and off I went downstairs to raid.

Logged in a few minutes late.  Beauti was there, Voe wasn't there.  Weird.  I was the 11th person.  So Beauti left and Hwired said we were ready to go.  "Umm, what about Voe?"

Oh yeah, Voe.  Now we're one DPS over.  We have 2 rogues, a warrior, a warlock, mage, boomkin and hunter.  One DPS has to go.  Shabadu said he would sit out, Hwired felt bad, but Shab was pretty cool, he was happy to (and go PVP/play Starcraft) so it was ok.  Voe said Augment should sit out because he's shit.  I told him to stop saying that.  Augment wasn't even fussed anyway, he seemed cool with it, and said that he's just fix the problem with a /ignore if he needed.

We asked Augment how his Karate tournament went and he said he wasn't in it, his mum was.  That was cool!  I said that was funny, because I had imagined Augment to be a typical teenager with a mum who nags him about playing World of warcraft - instead he has an ass-kicking mum.  That's pretty cool.  And Voe said "That's not a very feminist thing to say Navi, why can't Augment have a mum who does Karate?"  Oh dear, dug myself into that one!  Point noted: next time keep that thought to myself.

Roshii was not happy to sit out again for even one boss, because that boss had the chance to drop a trinket he really wanted, and Augment had to get his legendary stuff, so they couldnt' sit out.  Falln had to tank so he couldnt' sit out.  It was ok really, and thanks Shab for making it easy and without making me fight about it!

Gutsy was tired.  He had been working hard, and he didn't talk much on vent.  I sure sign that he's tired.  And you will see what I mean later.

So there's an extra 5% nerf today.  So we started on Morchok.  Oops we wiped.  Roshii was not happy.  Hey stuff happens, Falln doesn't tank... but it wasn't that, it was the crystals.  I also was having issues with my healbot.  I was on my fancy new computer and I hadn't set up my healbot properly.  Nourish was going off instead of regrowth.  And why wasn't my swiftmend working??  Neither of my two side buttons was working so I was doing keyboard wild growths and swiftmends.  Which made my running a bit awkward.  Anyway, game was picked up by 2nd attempt and Morchok and Porkchop were dead.  Warrior and tank crap. Perfect....

Yor'sahj went down easily.  DPS a bit lazy on bubble popping, and I think I ended up missing out on the mana void because I think Voe had mana but I didn't.  I potted and just did some sparing heals just to top people up.  I got my way and there were split ranged and melee in the groups, and I stuck to my own group.  It was fine.  Lushnek was cranky because there were 5 non mana users and none of them popped the void.

Zon'ozz went down in one shot.  I thought it went well.  Oh and Conquerer heroic tier dropped from both.  That's totally rooted ;)  So unfair!  More Vanquisher please!
Hagara the Stormbinder yells: You cross the Stormbinder! I'll slaughter you all.
Hagara was our struggle.  The first attempt was good.  We were really close.  Then we started having issues.  We wiped pretty early the next attempt, and I died first to an ice lance - I had stepped left a little instead of running forward to make Aza get the ice lance.  On subequent attempts, Souglyy was dying.  She was paired with Gutsy for one of the ice lances, Lushnek was with Voe, and I was with Aza.  They were having issues with how many stacks they were getting or something.  Voe went to save Soug and then Lush got cranky with Gutsy for not taking his stacks and Gutsy was arguing that he had stacks too, and Voe was saying that Gutsy was the reason we were failing and Guts cracked a nut and told us all to F*&^ off and logged off vent.  But he came back pretty quick.  Voe was busy explaining the ice lance thing over and over and it was getting tiresome, and Aza and Roshii got a bit tired of hearing it being harped on about.  It was getting tense.  I asked Guts what was wrong because he's not usually that cranky and he said he was tired and that he was sick of people telling him to do different things.  Well, I had been up since 2.30am and I worked all day so I didn't have much sympathy but hey, he's tired.  I can't help it if I get my second wind from raiding.
Hagara the Stormbinder yells: See what becomes of those who stand before me!
We had a few attempts with bad dispels.  I know I was responsible for a couple, but not that many.  I tried only to dispel people who are in the bubble or who asked for it but hey maybe I was a bit quick on the dispels, who knows.  Anyway, had to listen to a lot of "Those dispels sucked" and "Dispels were really bad!" which I already know, so I was going to fix that up.  But most of the time the ice wasn't too bad.  But the last attempt, if we lived through that ice phase we would have killed it.  Gosh the rage!  I understand now a bit better why Bladewind said there was a lot of pressure in Hwired's group.  If healers made mistakes in my old group, healers pointed it out and we fixed it.  Fue would say "What happened there?" and we'd say "Oh, we forgot Guardian spirit/was late on Tranq/didn't dispel fast enough/didn't run in" and we'd get back on it, and we'd discuss it.  And if Gutsy was raiding like a noob, we'd just tell him to try something else.  Last night, healers were called out by DPS and by the raid leader.  Gosh, I never sit there and tell the DPS how bad they are when they don't do something right, or don't DPS hard enough.  I got cranky with them and said "You guys can dispel yourselves, I'm only dispelling Falln and Lushnek."  (Though admittedly Lush was being a cranky bitch as well)  And then laughed at my final attempt death because I was running in the ice trying to get dispelled and got punted by ice blocks falling which looked really funny to me, and I dispelled my debuff when I was trying to run in an icepatch (OMG how stupid can I be) and I couldn't really do anything but laugh about it because nobody else was going to laugh at me!  I looked like such a terrible player!
Hagara the Stormbinder yells: Swagger all you like; you pups don't stand a chance. Flee now, while you can.
I can understand why the better players like Roshii and Aza get grumpy.  They try their best and don't make mistakes and it looks like the rest of us aren't trying as hard as them, so they get frustrated.  But geez, never bite the hands that feed you - healers and tanks are not easy finds, so you should never piss them off!

At the end of the raid most of the group left raid immediately and logged off.  Ooof!  Grouchy!  So it was a rather tense night, and luckily Ancient got on and I could chat to her for a while and by the time I'd cooled off and I had let Aza and Roshii cool off, I joined Soug and Hwired and Roshii for some BGs.  That always makes me feel better.  It seemed to be SotA night and we won one and lost one.  Souglyy and Hwired even got an achievement too - Artillery Expert.  Woot!

Let's hope tonight is a better night.  Maybe I should be putting Delicious Chocolate Cakes out instead of Seafood Magnifique.  Make everyone that little bit happier (and maybe a bit more tolerant of us noobs).
Hagara the Stormbinder yells: Don't preen just yet, little pups. We'll cleanse this world of your kind.


  1. Yea hagara was pissing me off to, not because of the wipes because of the way people where acting.And we where wiping because of the tension in the group from the way people where acting.I can garentee that we would have done better in most of those attempts if people where more cool,carm and collected.I sick of people swearing at eachother and carring on like teenagers, grow up!!!


  2. Only DS boss I've seen. Stepping back into EoE made me shudder automatically. You'll get her! KEEEEEL! x

    1. We have downed her already just had a bad night on it last night


    2. @rioriel - well at least u got ur daggers!

  3. There are many times that I wonder what I'm doing hanging around in Azeroth all the time. Yay! Now I've found my WoW nitch! I'm a post-raid cooler-offer! I like that! Are you all packed for your trip?

    1. @TotA - at the time I'm writing to you the answer is yes. But last night it was no. I was faffing around...

  4. This was one of the things I thought might happen when we split up the raid for heroics. People put more pressure ans stress on themselves to get the boss down and fly off the handle when they think someone else stuffed it for them. I'm kinda glad I don't have to put up with the rants.


    1. @Ayelena - you're pretty thick skinned Ayel. And don't cry easily. That's why I like you.

  5. The biggest issue is just like everyday life. We have 10 different personalities in a raid, so a bunch of diversity will cause tension once in a while. We rarely know whats happening in our real lives then raid time comes and others are more laid back than some. Some are good with jokes. Othera just want to concentrate and not mess around. as long as we have fun in the mean time is all that matters...

    Different ages and sex's will always cause conflict, sadly its part of life. Drama, bitching, sooking, laughing, finger pointing etc... We all do it. Yet we still raid every week.

    We are a family, always will be, we have to learn to love each other.

    Even that shit augment guy LOL



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