Highlights from my Blogroll March 25, 2012

This week was a little different.  There were lowlights and highlights.

I was sad to see that Glowbie has decided to stop raiding in WoW.  Her blog will still exist, she said, but she is no longer raiding, and her whole guild decided to stop raiding as well.  They are all good friends in their guild, having raided together for a while, and they will all probably join up in some other game to continue the gaming friendship.  So it's just trading games really.  But doesn't mean I won't miss her on my blogroll....

Windsoar shocked me with her post I cried inside, and then... when she said that her guild has decided to drop to one day raiding a week.  Another mid level guild turned social.  I guess it's just a different direction and things may change in the future but for now, that's what she's doing.  I could feel her shock and her hesitation of the unknown, but if everyone is happy, and they're all still playing, it's ok right?

For those who missed it, my good friend Cymre was on Twisted Nether Blogcast last weekend!  Was a good interview, I was excited because I even got a small mention - see if you can spot where it refers to me!  Though it's tricky if you don't know us that well :)  Cymre also has the blues because recruitment is low, which has been a problem for a while now.

And the amount of people who participated in Big Bear Butt's writing challenge was astonishing.  I thought I had them all but thank goodness Hugh of MMO Melting pot was around to list everyone who participated so I can catch up on the ones I missed.

Effraeti and Glowbie and Erinys also wrote about girl gaming and sexism, and their thoughts are very similar to mine.  As if our posts haven't got enough traffic and comments already!  And I think THIS is going a bit far...

Something I noticed on Harpy's nest this morning...


  1. I've been reading all those posts, too, and have been laughing and laughing at that - too damn funny!

    Great wrap-up, Navi!

  2. Thanks for the mentions Nav. :)

    I appreciate and cherish all your support and I did have someone ask why I didn't mention you by name but I thought that the people who know us well would know exactly who I was referring to anyway :P

  3. @matty - it is funny! She is a twit whoever said that lol
    @cymre - I feel loved now :) awwww


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