Day 1 of an AFK WoW addict

1630, 30 Mar (Sydney Local time): I think my plane is delayed. And this airport wi-fi is a bit buggy. OK so I did do some checking of my achievements and things, but not much. 

2145, 30 Mar (Singapore Local time): I wondered how I would fare with no internet, and after stepping of at Singapore for refuelling, I can say that I did ok. Fortunately I had my book to read. And though the airport there says free internet, I can’t seem to get onto any of the networks. Not that I was going to log onto WoW of course… no realy, I wasn’t. Really. I am sleepy though. Trying to stay awake so I can switch my body clock over to UK time. I guess if I stay up for another 6 hours, I’ll be able to switch it over to UK time. I had a window seat. The gentleman sitting next to me had a body odour scale of 8 (0 is pleasant, 5 is no smell, 10 is highly malodorous) but at least he was a very polite and helpful, helping me with my trays or letting me know if there were drinks and food coming because I had my headset on. I did put Twilight So what would I have done had I been able to get online now. I would be looking to see what the next world event is bringing. I’m wondering if I’m missing out on any dailies because I’m not doing them. I don’t even know when it starts! 

0530, 31 Mar (London Local time): There’s one thing I have to say about long plane trips. I managed to catch up on all those OTHER things that I don’t do normally. Like read. I should have brought Storm of Swords in my luggage to read on the way home, because I finished reading Clash of Kings on that longass plane trip! And also watched The Descendants, which I probably wouldn’t have watched normally, and I wanted to see why George Clooney won an academy award for his appearance. And also managed to watch Happy Feet 2 (which I think started off very average, but got more enjoyable towards the end – someone needs to explain why Mumble is still in his adolescent plumage from the previous movie and also has a kid of his own!) There was some sidekick silliness in the form of 2 Krill named Bill and Will. Some of their jokes made me laugh (“One in a Krillion!”) Can’t believe it’s been 24 hours since I got on the plane. And Heathrow has no free wi-fi. Oh well, no posting of anything till I get back to my sister’s house I suppose. I did wear my Druid hoodie to keep warm in this chilly London spring weather, but I don’t know what the nerd factor is like here in the UK. Probably not as nerdy as in Australia.


  1. Waiting to hear how the nerd factor in London compares to Australia! Have fun!

  2. Glad you made it to London, so now the looking for WOW stuff begins.

    BTW, have you done the Fiona Caravan quest line in Eastern Plaguelands? Did you notice that Gidwin (the dwarf) and Tarenar (the elf) are just like Gimli and Legolas from Lord of the Rings.



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