Thursday raiding - Bashing at Heroic Hagara

Anyone who raided with me in Firelands knows that I am pretty slow on the uptake for movement fights.  And I have to have my usual round of uncoordinated lone deaths where I look like a complete idiot before I really understand what I was supposed to be doing.  Cyclones on Alysrazor was one of those things.

Last night on Hagara I was a bit like that.

Now the group did have a look on Wednesday but for me it was mostly to see it.  We had a different group makeup last night.  Sevros replaced Azadelta because Aza was sick with his mancold.  Though he did sound sick.  And Augment had to get ready for a Karate tournament so Shabadu replaced him.  Everyon else was the same (Hwired, Voe, Navi, Roshii, Lushnek, Fallnapart, Gutsy, Souglyy).  Last night there were 5 coloured makers up and all I could recall was that I was supposed to go to wherever an ice lance spawned in the pink area and take hits from it and share them with Shaba.  OK, and I go in the middle in lightning phase while everyone runs around to their positions marked here:

So the first few attempts, I was dying first.  And I was also always on the wrong side of where everyone else was during the ice phase!

"Nav, you go to red during ice phase, yellow for lightning," whispered Roshii.

Ohhh, Ok, I must have missed that part.  Ok red.  Run to red during ice phase.  That makes sense, coz we have to run together, I have to give them my Stampeding roar and dispel people.  Cool.

Next ice phase, somehow I was on the other side of Hagara and OMG the red marker is all the way over there.  I'm trying to get there... uh oh, I'm inside the bubble it hurts, let me get out, oh shit, this is nowhere near the others, OMG the wall is coming.... splat.

Hwired laughed "Nav, you're terrible!"

Don't I know it! :P

After that I think I got the hang of the whole red thing and getting my stampeding roar out and dispelling.  Sorta.

The other thing I struggled with was taking those ice lances.  The pink marker had been taken away.  OMG where do I go now?  I just ran to one of the ice lances.

"There are 4 people on this one and nobody on the one on the other side," Lushnek said after a wipe.  And he whispered me "You're not at the right one."

"I can't find my marker, I have no idea where I'm supposed to go," I whispered back.

"Yours is to the right of Hagara, over here, so the yellow marker is on your left."

Ah Ok, I get it.  90 degrees from Yellow marker.

So I am trying to get in position.  Oh here's one.  Wait there's another one.  Hang on, there's a different line on me.  Get off me.  I try to run away.  The ice thing keeps hitting me.  Aaah!  I run halfway across the room.

"Nav!  Don't take that thing all the way over there, stop moving! "

"How do I get this off me?"

"Not by running all over the place!"

Lushnek said "People are running around like headless chickens, the line to you doesn't do any damage, it's the ice hitting that does the damage.  If you get it, don't move, someone will come and get it off you."

Oh, OK.  I think I get it now.  Right.  I can do this.

Oh and the standing in the middle for healing!  You'd think that was easy right?  I thought cool, I don't have to go anywhere!  Someone had told me that I start throwing out CDs when the add dies.  Oh, really?  But people's health isn't that low.  Oh well, ok here goes.  Wheee, pretty numbers!  Oh shit, Roshii is out of range.  OMG Soug is out of range.  "Gutsy I can't reach Roshii..."  Gutsy has started talking. "Wings on you Falln."  "Get Baha (Soug)! Oh shit."  But after a while it was ok.  I figured that bit out.

And then... there was this crap about lightning not chaining.  Everyone keeps saying it's a bug.  They're standing there and it's not chaining to them.  This happened A LOT, and the conversations seemed to be the same each time

"Get rid of your pets!" said Hwired.
"Mine's bugging.  MINE'S BUGGING!" yells Souglyy.
"Fuck this, I hate bullshit that's bugged," said Voe.
"This is such bullshit," said Hwired.  "Why isn't there something on forums about this bug?  It seems to be pretty common.  Look I've read if it's not chaining that way try doing it from the other side."

OK now he's lost me but I think he means conduct the other direction.  Thank god I don't have to be one of then numbers in the diagram.  But we did get some that didn't bug.

We had a few good attempts.  Some deaths but nothing to terrible.

Falln whispered me.  "I like this fight, it's really fun!"
"I shouldn't have teased you about being like a girl with a map," I whispered back.  Yes yes I know I just wrote a post about sexism and stereotypes but some stereotypes are funny, like Irish jokes and blonde jokes.  You gotta be able to laugh about something.
"Nah you're doing OK," he whispered back.
"Yeah right," I said.  "But I think NOW I'm getting the hang of this."
"We'll get this," he said.  "That attempts was really good."  Falln always says that.  He said that for Ultraxion and we did it a few attempts later.

We go again.  Ooh, that was a good go!  13%!

Next go.  Oops, someone died early.  "Wipe it quick," said Hwired, "So we can get a few more attempts in."

We run back in and... uh oh, trash is back up.  Lushnek said "Let's call it, do it on Sunday, I can't be bothered clearing all this again."  Hwired agreed.

So after that, Shab, Sev and I went and did some arena.  Sev said "Was it just me or was it really quiet?"

"Gutsy was tired.  He doesn't talk when he's tired."
"Ah.  I thought my ears would be worse after that raid but it was ok."

We had some good games.  We groaned when we came up against a DK and 2 warriors and got smashed.  But we got them back in another match where we weren't on an elevated spot.  Ha to them!  Thank god for Arena.  At least I can run around like a headless chook there and people will just think I've had a distracting shot or I'm feared.


  1. Yah, Heroic Hagara is what we are currently working on in our 25man. Perhaps the 10man strat for that is different, but we have a whole other type of headless chicken syndrome so far. :) We have been working on forming a cross with the raid for lightning phase and leaving the healers and ranged in the middle for frost phase. Ouch, it hurts. ><

    But I agree with your placement confusion. I am totally confused by your pretty colored picture. :)

    So what kinda Irish jokes...? *folds arms and gives Navi "the look"* ;)

    ~ Effy

    1. @Effy - Oh I can't write it on my blog, it's supposed to be G rated. I'm heading over to your blog now... :P

  2. This week has been work crazy :) but I did read this post as soon as it was posted. I will get cracking.

  3. Okay, this is great, and makes me want to be on a raid team again, and it begs the question: What is a 'mancold?'

    1. @Matty - OMG u don't have mancold's over there? I suppose it could be Manflu.... basically it's when a man has a cold/flu and it's like he's dying, take him to hospital, you don't understand, he's really really sick, he's never felt so awful in his life, could you please go get him a hot lemon tea, and oh he can't get out of bed, too sick. That's a manflu :) Whereas when we trooper ladies get a cold we still have to crack on with our daily chores...

  4. Wait- and how is the sh*t word and the post on Goldshire keeping this G? LOL! Come on, girl, at least admit you're PG13 for sure!

    And being Irish myself, our pugnacious tendencies just say bring it! God, if the Irish can't laugh at themselves, no one can.

    1. @Matty - I knew as soon as I said this was G rated blog that the GOLDSHIRE incident would pop up. I think I was counting on the fact that the children who do read my blog are older than 13... so all those rude swear words would just go by unread by those toddlers...


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